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12" Vinyl UK 09.05.18
berlin based jens dohle is a man of many talents. an accomplished composer and arranger for theatre productions across europe, classically trained multi instrumentalist, explosive live drummer for ye:solar, munk, hot coins, sado opera. longtime collaborator with danilo plessow aka mcde and noema from african shakedown fame. remixer for jazzanova and 4 hero. there s not enough room here to list his amazing work. 2018 ushers forth a new identity to his already enviable c.v with his first ep as james dole (a jokingly anglicised version of his birth name). the 3 tracks here all showcase his ability to create a strong mood and use great splashes of melody and rhythm but without ever losing the groove. written during a period of introspection in deepest, darkest berlin, each one tells a different story. ex is a moody monster of a track. it builds and builds into a pounding nightime symphony with a kind of epic-ness which hints at many years spent mining the highs and lows of music, love and life. big room yet with a gut wrenching soul beneath the slightly flamboyant majesty. made in east berlin and well road tested in the cities debauched nightclubs. fantasia shows off mr doles jazz and broken beat background with rolling, funky drums sashaying with hip hoppy live jazz keys. then those signature euphoric yet melancholic synths appear halfway through the track to create an emotionally halcyon mood. wibes. the ep closes with grande. super melodic yet cinematic with amazing synth work and a sophisticated arrangement showcasing james s well trained musicianship and artistry. an opus of melody and longing built for italian arthouse films about unrequited love. dj support from - midland, honey soundsystem, sandrino, jimpster, ame, dvs1, shadow child, joe goddard, red rack em, futureboogie, soft rocks, domenic cappello, downtown party network, danny russell
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