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7" Vinyl UK 27.12.18
indipendent pop by calibro 35
Record Kicks
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10.99 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 12.02.18
record kicks proudly presents superstudi- the new single by legendary italian cinematic funk combo calibro 35 sampled by dr.dre and jay-z, taken from their forthcoming new studio album decade
Record Kicks
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.02.18
das album von 2013 jetzt erhältlich als ltd. edition gatefold lp! record kicks präsentiert das neue album der italian soundtrack funkateers calibro 35! es gibt eine sache, die können italiener besser als andere, nämlich funky soundtracks. quentin tarantino weiß das am besten: soundtracks italienischer spielfilme der 60er und 70er sind beliebt. calibro 35 macht mit der musik, was tarantino mit filmen macht sie leihen sich, was sie lieben und machen ihr eigenes ding daraus, oder wie das rolling stone magazine sagen würde calibro 35 sind die faszinierendste retro-maniac und authentischste sache, die italien in den letzten jahren zugestoßen ist. the budos band trifft auf morricone.
Record Kicks
in stock
24.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 25.10.16
record kicks proudly presents clbr35 live from s.p.a.c.e, the first official live album by calibro 35 that will hit the streets next 21 october 2016 on ltd edtion lp, cd digipak and digital. after so many studio albums, soundtracks, tv programs and an incredible amount of concerts, clbr35 live from s.p.a.c.e is the very first live album by our cinematic funk champions. recorded during two very special nights of the italian leg of the s.p.a.c.e. tour at biko club milano and mixed by calibro s head honcho and fresly grammy award winner, tommaso colliva at toomi lab studio in london, it sees the milan quartet joined on stage by ottone pesante horn session. most of the tracks are taken from their latest heavily acclaimed studio album s.p.a.c.e. but theres room for some calibro 35s classics such as eurocrime, notte in bovisa and la mala ordina by armando trovajoli from their debut album of 2008.
Record Kicks
Last Copy!
15.99 EUR *
S.P.A.C.E. (LP)
12" Vinyl lp UK 11.11.15
recorded at toe rag studios in london, record kicks proudly presents “s.p.a.c.e”. the awaited new album from the legendary italian cinematic funk combo calibro 35 sampled by dr.dre in “ compton”. recorded on tape on a 8 tracks tape recorder at the analog mecca toe rag studios in london, the worldwide famous studio where the white stripes penned “elephant”, s.p.a.c.e. is the 5th studio album by calibro 35. forget about gripping noir atmospheres of their previous full lengths, with the new album the milan combo escapes from planet earth and lands on their own satellite to write the perfect funk soundtrack of an imaginary scifi movie directed by sergio leone.
Record Kicks
out of stock
16.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 21.10.13
italian soundtrack funk that sounds like goblin recording at stax! (wax poetics magazine)
record kicks proudly presents the new album by italian soundtrack funkateers calibro 35! there is one thing that italians do better than others, funky soundtracks. quentin tarantino knows best: soundtracks from italian movies of the 60s and the 70s are the thing! calibro 35 does with music what tarantino does with films. they borrow what they love and they make it their own. with rolling stone magazine words *calibro 35 are the most fascinating, retro-maniac and genuine thing, that happened to italy in the last years*, think at the budos band that meets morricone.
Record Kicks
out of stock
13.99 EUR *
coloured 2x12" Vinyl UK 31.05.18
record kicks celebrates 15 years in the business with a collection full of exclusive new singles on a limited edition double clear vinyl lp.
side by side with similar outfits like daptone, truth and soul, freestyle or timmion, under its motto the explosive sound from today s scene milan-based independent label record kicks has been pitching the contemporary funk & soul scene since day one. with over 200 releases under the belt, rk has released bands from all over the globe and earned the support of vip fans such as kenny dope, jamie cullum, craig charles and not least jay-z, thanks to which the label has recently received a grammy nomination for hov’s use of hannah williams’ late nights and heartbreak as backdrop for his 4:44.
Record Kicks
in stock
26.99 EUR *

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