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12" Vinyl D 12.06.17
new release from sonic wizards barbir & nicola kazimir on melliflow, an electronic music label based in berlin, founded and curated by vera & alexandra.
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14.45 EUR
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 17.03.15
specials : 4x stl locked groove remixes - only second time he has done remixes in his career! and first time in the history of vinyl that original tracks were abstracted into locked groove remixes!
a quest for form which is never static and accompanied by two constants - repetition and reduction. reduction requires repetition in order to make the intangible tangible for man. this repetition also stimulates our perception and helps us find an inner self while illuminating towards the primal thought. another synonym for *intangible* is *not human* - for the most reductive of primal thoughts, sprung from fractal chance, does not deal with human beings but with a formal language that is universal, drawing from the innermost, and only becomes tangible in accidental, fortuitous moments.
Les Points
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12" Vinyl D 28.11.17
debut release from ukraine based label fakedtunes. vinyl only!
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