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12" Vinyl UK 04.10.17
london based electronic music label khemia records announces its sixth split release vinyl ep. the second edition of the magnum opus series on khemia records features a new production from berlin based modular powerhouse blush response alongside an electrifying collaboration between years of denial, who have previously released on oliver ho’s death and leisure label and russian techno auteur alexey volkov (jealous god). on the solar side blush response delivers ‘you will cry out in grief’ a maelstrom of industrial electronics seethes under a furious barrage of complex rhythms, as evolving symmetries disperse into incandescence. on the lunar side years of denial meet alexey volkov in the first of a new collaborative series - ‘confess’. barkosina hanusova’s voice ricochets against caustic snares as she intones a fetishistic ritual of contorted flesh and altered states.
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 19.05.17
alexey volkov first appeared in the techno scene in 2011. his past releases on the semantica and jealous god labels have gained alexey and his music widespread acclaim. since his debut, alexey has been busy crafting and perfecting his sound. his origins in punk and industrial become apparent in his new ep for escapism. he continuously proves that his assertive yet refined style is worth the hype as unconventional rhythms and unsettling sounds dominate the tracks.
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9.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT 05.05.17
the berlin based russian artist alexey volkov appears on sacred court with a mesmerising 4- track ep after his previous releases on planet rouge and jealous god. broken beats, voices and strong rhythms stand out on this wax.
Sacred Court
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9.29 EUR *
10" Vinyl NL 27.01.17
after a very successful label launch last year with in aeternam vale - “self destruct” ep, linda records returns with another straight talking, analog fuelled 10”. this time welcoming aboard berlin based russian artist alexey volkov. his three track ep “cold blooded genius” comes finely presented on transparent red ten inch vinyl (limited pressing). whilst staying true to its current white label feel, this time linda s trademark eyes, also a fitting red. on the a side at 45rpm the title track “cold blooded genius” and on the b side two tracks will spin at 33rpm, “unfriendly nation” & “curtains of flesh”. we hate to categorise and attempt to summarise what these pieces of music craft sound like into words, we’ll leave you to indulge for a short time to the machine noise of the highly regarded talent that is alexey volkov.
Linda Records
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 01.07.16
Analog Section
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8.98 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.03.14
nice price deal !!! alexey volkov who returns to the label with his interwave ep, comprising 4 killer tracks. known for his releases on planete rouge, this producer started his career in northwestern russia ( saint petersburg) in 1997 as a local underground techno dj, enthusiastic record collector and music experimenter. volkov takes much of his inspiration from early synthesizer music and the industrial music scene, as well as artist such as daniel miller, chrislo haas. he also taken inspiration from 80s ebm and new / synth/ dark wave scene from belgium, france and germany. as well as planete rouge, he has also recently released music on semantica. his interwave ep is dark, raw and full of character.
Planete Rouge
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7.48 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 25.02.13
nice price deal !!! first pressing in ltd green black splattered vinyl ... after an excursion on semantica and a remix for svreca. alexey volkov brings here 4 new tracks in his distinctive sounds.
menacing industrial grooves through some static percussion providing a sense of coldness and alienation.reverberating atmosphere for a unique climax.
russian has the culture for this sounds intensity.
alexey volkov belongs to this new generation of producer to keep an eye on. music with no compromises.
welcome to alexey s soundscape.
Planete Rouge
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19.98 EUR *
12" Vinyl black / blue splattered vinyl D 05.04.12
title track -dust- launches the ep into an immediately throbbing groove, rung through with the dissonant clangs of the genre s cold, machine-obsessed heritage. this hydraulic homage is succeeded by -overshadow- —a closer inspection of techno s cogs and wheels that sees volkov tinkering with its parts over 9 minutes of cumulative atmospherics. endless—the new collaboration between alistair wells aka perc and giorgio gili, based on speedy j s electric deluxe label—offers a hypnotic remix from their pooled influences of brian eno, byetone, robert henke, irdial and ifach. here volkov s dark and growling slow-burner is stepped up into an octane workout, dressed with gili s minimalistic traits and seasoned with a spot of perc-style abrasiveness. -corner- is dust ep s provocative closer. driven by anxious, incessant hats and syncopated hisses it uses suspended melodic morsels to work itself into a beguiling anti-climax that leaves you begging for more.
Planete Rouge
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 30.09.11
planete rouge is proud to introduce you to the release of the russian promising newcomer alexey volkov, including a great remix from tommy four seven. music with no compromises.
Planete Rouge
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl splattered D 05.08.13
- two old classic tracks from terence fixmer new mastered and with remixes by regis and alexey volkov!
- comes on ltd red splatter vinyl
- warm & rage, booth were originally released on dj hells gigolo records
Planete Rouge
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl+mp3 D 27.09.19
12inch + poster & download
in stock
11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 14.05.19
Tripalium Records
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 03.03.17
lcseries is back with his label owner for a new series, this time comes again with 2 new remixers edit select and alexey volkov, tracks full of energy on both sides.
LC Series
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10.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 26.06.15
we are proud to present our second release: a split ep between coldgeist & côme, mastered at dubplates. on the side a we have ‘nocturnal’ and its spatial atmosphere from côme, including a remix from in aeternam vale. the minimalism of the original track and the subtle evolution of the bells evoke a wandering through the abyss of a cold night until the final take off. a perfect opening act for this ep. in aeternam vale s remix sounds astonishingly powerful, cold and caustic with its uncompromising minimalism, but also provocative and capable to smash your ass on the dance-floor. on the flipside, ‘nommos’ original track from coldgeist and the remix from alexey volkov bring the power of industrial tones. coldgeist delivers a 7 minutes track which penetrates progressively into our intimacy. the deep atmosphere reinforced by the repetition of ternary patterns allow to approach a mesmeric state.
Ritual Process
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9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 20.12.12
stripped down relentless remixes on svrecas hagagatan by lucy, rodhad and alexey volkov. great tools for djs who love to drop layers of sounds and rhythms on the dancefloor
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9.89 EUR *
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