Alexey Volkov - DUST

Alexey Volkov


12" Vinyl black / blue splattered vinyl D

Planete Rouge / PLR1202

Front View : Alexey Volkov - DUST (BLACK / BLUE SPLATTERED VINYL) - Planete Rouge / PLR1202
Back View : Alexey Volkov - DUST (BLACK / BLUE SPLATTERED VINYL) - Planete Rouge / PLR1202

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Title track -Dust- launches the EP into an immediately throbbing groove, rung through with the dissonant clangs of the genre s cold, machine-obsessed heritage. This hydraulic homage is succeeded by -Overshadow- —a closer inspection of techno s cogs and wheels that sees Volkov tinkering with its parts over 9 minutes of cumulative atmospherics. Endless—the new collaboration between Alistair Wells AKA Perc and Giorgio Gili, based on Speedy J s Electric Deluxe label—offers a hypnotic remix from their pooled influences of Brian Eno, Byetone, Robert Henke, Irdial and Ifach. Here Volkov s dark and growling slow-burner is stepped up into an octane workout, dressed with Gili s minimalistic traits and seasoned with a spot of Perc-style abrasiveness. -Corner- is Dust EP s provocative closer. Driven by anxious, incessant hats and syncopated hisses it uses suspended melodic morsels to work itself into a beguiling anti-climax that leaves you begging for more.

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