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12" Vinyl NL 04.06.20
second part of raval rave breakers
out of stock
11.30 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 07.12.17
cool 4 tracker
in stock
11.20 EUR *
VVAA 002
12" Vinyl D 21.12.16
society 3.0 recordings set out to put together a collection of songs in the form of an excellent 12- maxi single / digital download release, featuring 6 tracks from a host of talented artists. marc de vole & ray simon dominate the first half of the record, with their incredible dense sound and awe-inspiring deep house philosophy. mr. de vole has been into electronica since the late 90s, and his seasoned experience clearly shows through his track. this is an artist who strives to create focused and punchy tracks, yet retain a very special intuition that add that sought-after -human touch- to his works. russian artist -tuneon- dominates track n.3, -blumarine-. the song flirts with 90s disco and house influences, adding some color and texture to the setlist, without straying too far from the mood previously set by marc de vole and ray simon. the second half of the release features the work of sergio parrado and ernesto paredano, who set out to collaborate on 3 tracks for this release. these tunes showcase a more modern and european approach to the sound. on -mamey- and -krill-, the pair showcase an interesting approach to percussiveness, creating intricate and dense rhythmic pattern that truly drive the songs. closing number -tempranillo- embodies the spirit of classic deep house and tech, serving as a perfect closing number for such an exciting and diverse release.
Society 3.0 Recordings
out of stock
7.79 EUR *
VVAA 001
12" Vinyl D 03.05.16
society 3.0 recordings welcomes the 2016 spring with a solid vvaa ep. the first two tracks come from the skilled hands of the manchester based producer robot needs oil aka leao. these two tracks are oldschool flavoured and groovy house tunes. the next track is produced by talented producer minlab in a more deep tech indie dance style. the three tracks on the b side come by ugur project from istanbul and is pure classic house music at its best. a perfect combination of chicago, old skool, indie dance and deep house
Society 3.0 Recordings
out of stock
7.98 EUR *
VVAA 001
12" Vinyl D 29.01.16
hashplant time has arrived! we are very proud to announce our first release. vvaa 001, includes some of the best artists in the underground landscape, mr. deka, max_italy, marco cassanelli and the label boss federico mandelli & albert hipman. only vinyl edition.
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl colored D 09.11.15
its a fact, argentina has been providing us hi-intensity doubtless quality techno during the last years. this record is a perfect sample of what is coming on. jonas kopp invites the new young values of the local scene to show the sound of buenos aires. classical percussions and synthesizers which evolve to paroxysm, surround sequences and metallic texture determine the character of this four track vvaa.
Traut Muzik
in stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 01.10.15
for the 3th release of the label we got a vvaa that comes straight from the depths of the underground. 4 tracks from going from hip house to disco and funk. summer ghetto vibes. on a mission
On A Mission Records
out of stock
10.23 EUR *
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