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12" Vinyl NL 13.07.18
keeping up the pace rolling nicely into our third release of 2018 we welcome onto etg yet more italian techno precision, this time from francesco profeti and pietro franchini aka hertz collision. responsible for a myriad of very stand out tracks such as “lost” and “all going” they have been remixed by the likes of kwartz and appeared on labels such as frozen border and dynamic reflection.
it’s been a pleasure putting the release together with the guys, receiving tracks and agreeing on artwork. as with every etg this release shows the full spectrum of their talent and their own individual take on techno. as ever it’s double a side. also special mention to programma 101 who features on track aa3.
EarToGround Records
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12" Vinyl NL 13.07.18
leather, steel & fist
“it is the celebration of a state of mind, a sexual taste, an open vision, a certain freedom, a specific place.”
the project is composed by three releases in details: first release leather, second steel and third fist. a different artist for each release.
the second artist is stephno from italy!
Key Vinyl
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12" Vinyl NL 13.07.18
Propaganda Moscow
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12" Vinyl NL 13.07.18
after the devotion trilogy, that kicked-off the label catalogue in 2017, sublunar cofounder sciahri is back on his own imprint with a brand new ep. following the recently released ep “demur” on manhigh, the record label by henning baer, metamorphosis is a focal point into sciahri’s musical journey, always searching for the perfect equilibrium between spacious, immersive sounds and complex structural dynamics.
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2x12" Vinyl NL 13.07.18
dax j returns to monnom black with a huge double ep of techno and acid weapons! absolutely essential! comes with free digital download code, a5 art + sticker.
Monnom Black
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12" Vinyl NL 13.07.18
substrato continues its path through the research of sounds from the hidden worlds. the label returns with the first various artist called “submerged worlds”. this release is marked out by the juxtaposition of artists coming from different areas lead together by the exploration of sharpened sounds, contributing to this timeless installment.
Substrato Records
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12" Vinyl NL 13.07.18
we remain suspended, fluctuating
in these waters of unknown wellness
flooded by a silence of emotions.
emotions that make our loneliness
more deep, clear and awful.
as nails that dig died skins,
as eyes that bleed making skins acid
as hair that strangles the crowd s voices
thus we,
remain suspended
in this air rarefied by thoughts
to make us more conscious of the restless lack
of the hope from us stolen.
Mental Modern
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12" Vinyl D 13.07.18
echocord’s colour sub-label returns early june with a four- track ep from eindhoven’s albert van abbe in the shape of ‘klangbilder’. dutch techno artist albert van abbe has nearly two decades of experience under his belt in various forms of musical and visual expression, releasing on his own vanabbe imprint, figure jams, semantica and no comment, as well as playing live and djing at hot spots across the globe such as berghain, tresor, dgtl and awakenings festival. ‘klangbilder 1’ leads with a robust rhythmic drive, employing bumpy toms, shuffled hats and lumpy kicks at its core as vacillating synths, tension building drones and menacing pizzicato strings develop throughout. ‘klangbilder 2’ takes things deeper next, retaining the dusty drums sound of the previous cut whilst stirring in airy ethereal pads and choppy, resonant stab sequences. ‘klangbilder 3’ kicks off the b-side with modulating synth whirrs, emotive organ tones and a muted drum tones throughout before ‘klangbilder 4’ closes the package, taking things beatless and cinematic via emotive synth leads, droning subs and expansive echoes.
Echocord Colour 042
Echocord Colour
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12" Vinyl D 13.07.18
proper 12 invch vinyl , from techno to acid
Code Is Law
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12" Vinyl D 13.07.18
a1: the exceptional producer stenny has been a munich resident for a few years to be as close as possible to his musical home port of ilian tape. here he once again proves what a perfectly mixed supergroovy breakbeat board is.
a2: janis and fabian from the live duo aka trap10 do not hide their musical ideals. in “people zoo” it’s classic but classy, &#8203,&#8203,according to old detroit style and chicago tradition.
b1: jonas friedlich’s eps on molten moods and four triangles are a good example of what techno’s style is all about: tape delay is his weapon of choice, often with vocals and rarely straight beats. with “jazzersizzzze” he ties in masterfully to it.
b2: p-t2 has become an integral part of the red sun (club rote sonne) in just a few years, indulging her fondness for the harder pace of club music. accordingly, their rfr post is an acid board, as it is written in the book.
RFR 002
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12" Vinyl D 13.07.18
fur coat join joseph capriatis redimension label with an ep of melodic, dancefloor power. the duo explore steely techno in five warehouse-ready tracks which unfold over extended run times. the eerie synth line, wall-shaking kick drums and vocal sample of repeat set the tone. mercury retrograd continues with a heavy, eyes-down pulse before cygnus soars into an epic crescendo. messenger of god provide tough dancefloor weapons to complete a slick ep that shows fur coat to be masters of their sound.
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12" Vinyl UK 13.07.18
la based independent experimental techno label halocyan is back with part 2 of the third man s incredible procession e.p. ‘parallax opens up proceedings drawing you in with its phased paranoid techno soundscapes. on the flip side the deep is exactly that, an immersive layering of synth textures and detuned organs. to close out the e.p. nightflight takes you on a nocturnal tip combing swelling pads, dreamy arps and melancholic detroit flavoured synth lines to great effect. 180g cyan blue 12- vinyl with laser-etched tracklist in double sleeves and a deluxe pvc wallet with flap. the outer sleeve is embossed with die cut over-sized centres, 2 spot uv stickers and a cyan metallic foil stamp.
Halocyan Records
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12" Vinyl D 13.07.18
freedom engine is happy to bring you volume 2 in the decompression remix series
Freedom Engine
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12" Vinyl D 13.07.18
im lauf der letzten vier jahre hat sich hayden payne alias phase fatale einen ruf als erneuerer von techno erarbeitet – sowohl hinsichtlich des breiten spektrums dystopischer electronics in seinen dj-sets, als auch wegen seines tiefen wissens von synthese und sounddesign in seinen produktionen. nach releases auf labels wie jealous god debu&#776,,,,,,,,tierte payne 2017 mit der ep anubis auf unterton. seitdem u&#776,,,,,,,,bernahm der new yorker club residencies in seiner wahlheimat berlin (berghain) und seinem – quasi – zweitwohnsitz tiflis (khidi), vero&#776,,,,,,,,ffentlichte sein debu&#776,,,,,,,,talbum redeemer auf hospital productions und startete außerdem sein eigenes label bite mit einer kollaborativen ep seiner selbst mit silent servant. seine erste o-ton, reverse fall, atmet einen frischen, reinen geist von techno – weder nostalgisch noch futuristisch, eher anarchisch und beila&#776,,,,,,,,ufig visiona&#776,,,,,,,,r. phase fatale erweitert mit dieser 12- die klangliche variation und musikalische narrative seines bisherigen schaffens als producer ebenso wie er die bandbreite seiner dj und live-sets spiegelt. gleichzeitig verschiebt er die genreparameter von techno vorwa&#776,,,,,,,,rts: ihm geht es musikalisch weniger um ‚ha&#776,,,,,,,,rter‘, sondern um dichtere atmospha&#776,,,,,,,,ren und basslastige grooves einerseits, um einen bissigen, markanten und scharfkantigen sound andererseits. auf reverse fall gibt es von film(musik) – namentlich carpenter und argento – informierte stellen: markant-melodio&#776,,,,,,,,se, bedrohliche synth-arpeggios, staccato-hi-hats, du&#776,,,,,,,,stere sechzehntelsequenzen, knackige snares und schnalzende peitschenschla&#776,,,,,,,,ge, noisige drones und dro&#776,,,,,,,,hnende pads. zwei stu&#776,,,,,,,,cke wie gemacht fu&#776,,,,,,,,r halsbrecherische hochgeschwindigkeitsfahrten auf der na&#776,,,,,,,,chtlichen u&#776,,,,,,,,berholspur („reverse fall“, „blackbox“), zwei abgebremste stu&#776,,,,,,,,cke fu&#776,,,,,,,,r die horrorszenarien danach („incision“, „empty whip“). musik, karosserie, ko&#776,,,,,,,,rper und kopf verma&#776,,,,,,,,hlend – hier inspiriert von j.g. ballards verkehrstodfetisch crash, dort a&#776,,,,,,,,sthetisch im geiste dirk skrebers um stahlpfeiler gewickelt. eine abfahrt u&#776,,,,,,,,ber das gesamte frequenzspektrum, mit frontalcrash in einer schroffen klangwand.
O-Ton 113
Ostgut Ton
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12" Vinyl UK 13.07.18
the melting point ep is back on dame-music! following the well-acclaimed volume 1 last december, which included tracks from kink, thomas p. heckmann and bloody mary, dame- music is proud to present volume 2 of this acid project, this time with label boss bloody mary inviting three guests to share the record with her. the photo used in the artwork for this release was taken in sydney s king cross district in early 2018, and features street art by owmag. thanks to this amazing artist for allowing us to use his work. once again, the melting point concept sees bloody mary invite some of her favourite and most well-respected producers to the label with these 4 original tracks. the melting point ep vol. 2 marks the fusion of four renowned producers including hardfloor, josh wink and alien rain and mary herself. this release is sure to be heard on dancefloors this summer! 4 tracks made by and for acid lovers.
Dame Music
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12" Vinyl D 13.07.18
coming back for another round after his first ep for figure last summer, shlomi aber continues to explore different avenues of his multi-faceted sound, tying it all up in a nicely rounded package. setting the pace is driving opening track whistler, the producer showcasing his ability to craft something big but undoubtedly refined. he then lets old school drums cruise along gentle sways of washed out ambience, giving the deep heads something to really get into… back with more techno on the b-side, this time in true figure-style: lean, sharp, and utterly effective penetrate the system is sure to leave its mark and comes complete with an extended, separate intro, making for quite an experience. staying atmospheric to the end, aber chooses to step out in half-time, taking cues from dubstep as hollowed kicks carve out an endless tunnel that leads only ever deeper down the rabbit hole.
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12" Vinyl D 13.07.18
following the release of 2017s the brane ep, youandewan returns with ideal passage
Aus Music
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12" Vinyl D 13.07.18
the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, the physical laws and the constants – omniverse. three original tracks from vril plus a remix by his master’s voice. two mysterious identities. scattering sound waves.
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12" Vinyl NL 13.07.18
aaja is a uk based cultural project encompassing a space, label and parties. not following too many fads or trends. aaja is an audible quest for deep and raw club rollers and late night neon tales. for aaja001 we’re pleased to gather 4 friends and artists in their own right for a diverse, inaugural 4-track various artists ep.
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12" Vinyl NL 13.07.18
it is not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind. we don’t have every day a rework of a classic techno milestone on a label that tries to push the boundaries of the future, but this time is the time. thomas schumacher represents one of those artists that was there since the very beginning, and he is the proof of how an artist can evolve in many ways during the years, but always been devoted to techno, and the meaning of it. “when i rock” was played all over the world for decades but now gets a brand new rework by label boss emmanuel, and the creator itself thomas schumacher. the record has a b/w sleeve cover design by caitlin schumacher on 12”.
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2x12" Vinyl UK 13.07.18
for its 303rd release, tresor records is glad to present a commissioned work by donato dozzy. rome based production maestro and dj extraordinaire donato dozzy is unanimously considered as an illustrious leading light in all techno artforms. along his long career and extensive discography, dozzy has proven to use his instruments most interesting ways, always re-inventing his music, always presenting new approaches to both the deeper and the more rhythmic forms of electronic music. it was self-evident to tresor records to enroll donato dozzy’s talents for this assignment, a nod to the seminal roland tb-303 bass synthesizer. the result is a relentless collection of radical, propulsive and bleeding-heart acid tracks. donato dozzy wishes to dedicate this work to his lifelong friend filo.
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