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coloured 2x12" Vinyl D 12.10.18
the debut album from dj and producer sigala on translucent, multi-colour splattered double vinyl in gatefold sleeve with download code included.
Ministry Of Sound
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2x12" Vinyl D 12.10.18
part 1 of 2 , 2x12 inch vinyl, unmixed classic house
Running Back
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12" Vinyl FR 12.10.18
sl011 is on its way! to celebrate our most beloved format we mix the old and new and bring together three artists we ve just taken on board with regular sl artist joey kay from chicago. special artists, special audience, special music, special release: 180 copies, 180 grams. nothing more. nothing less. pandilla ltd opens up the feast on the a side. a collective of three portuguese artists, this trio of producers-composers made a name for themselves through their distinctive minimalist approach to music. and what better way to introduce them than the very title of their track: -you get to know-. do meet the guys and enjoy. chicago resident joey kay was already with on sl001 and sl003. but why would we stop? here he is again with some new gems. joey s been producing quality and selective underground house music since the 80s, giving us each time delightful hints of what good chicago underground truly sounds like, far away from seasonal trends and close to his own philosophy instead. open up your ears and heart, as joey will be -trying 2 reach u- with his beautiful ode to the golden age of house music. the end is just the beginning, people. flip the record, start again, and let tommy guide you. tommy vicari jnr is an underground music hero well known for his singular and very unique sound. tommy plays by his own rules and tastes. he produces and releases tommy s kind of sounds and tommy s kind of sounds only, regardless how of far he needs to push the boundaries of his musical world to find the right beat and hit. -decided- is sl011 punchy bassline banger, in case you thought of falling asleep between both sides. for don t forget: true dancers always dance. almost the end, we know, but dry your tears, we re not there yet, no, no. harrison bdb aka harry weber is here with us for the last stretch and a final sonic hug - one to remember -. harrison s immersive approach to deep house has earned the man his credit, solidly grounded in the finest and deepest selections. the kind of selection, in fact, that d make anyone want that record again. mind you, this is probably what this last track -going back- is telling to do. ready? flip!
Serie Limitee 11
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12" Vinyl FR 12.10.18
space/ deep trippin house journey , tip
D.Ko Records
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12" Vinyl D 12.10.18
the debut release of uk dj duo “secretsundaze” on mule musiq. james priestley&giles smith delivered two modern deep house versions and one melodic ambient version. it’s all-round for house music lover.
Mule Musiq 230
Mule Musiq
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12" Vinyl NL 12.10.18
this is cliff music: a berlin based label spreading and supporting the many facets of house music. the mission is to give talented producers and friends a stage to share their vibes with the world.
cliff music kicks off with a four-tracker featuring the aussie slamb, french boys vitess & mangabey, and last but not least leipzig’s finest, luvless. the a-side starts with a melodic summer anthem “minor secret” by mangabey, followed by slamb’s house-driven disco bomb “why stop now”. on the flip side, luvless provides wobbly synthesizers over crunchy drums and grooves. vitess closes the ep with a 90’s and 2step reminiscing dancefloor hit.
Cliff Music
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12" Vinyl D 12.10.18
are you my conscience? irresistible freaks-like house using finding nemo -samples by justus k.
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12" Vinyl NL 12.10.18
after 5 years from their last album released on bosconi records, the clover’s trio comes back on their own label with a three track ep dedicated to the dance floor.
quantized tribalism melts with jupiter’s sounds in “pulsing particles”. while in “emanation”, past and present feelings alternate through chants and synthesizers sitting on a solid funky groove.
“separated at birth” is the theme of the b-side, the minimalism of the original track is stretched by horror inc. (aka akufen, perlon) in a rare 9 minutes melodic drone with broken beat and thriller-ish like strings. a gem you can’t miss!
the clover are back on the market, ready to play with a brand new liveset!
(vinyl only)
Oltrarno Recordings
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12" Vinyl UK 12.10.18
part 5 of 5 to be released over the coming couple of months. originally released on the phono label in 1995/96 the ‘parts’ series from matthew herbert are a much loved collection of house tracks that sound just as original and bold today as they did when they were first released. this series of 12”s were part of an early wave of exploratory dance music that paved the way for the deep house that still works its magic on dance-floors in 2018 some 25 years later. the mix of herbert’s playfulness alongside expertly grooving production and unusual sounds makes this unique collection of work. the odd few tracks aside this is the first time that these releases have ever been repressed. all newly remastered for this reissue series, the releases include stone cold club classics such as ‘deeper’, ‘take me back’, ‘resident’, ‘people that make the music’ and ‘see you on monday’.
Accidental Jnr
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12" Vinyl FR 12.10.18
this record is a bomb! it had to be said.. telegraph is proud to present tom ellis new ep. a four tracks project (+ 1 digital bonus) that showcases the huge talent of this special uk house producer. all tracks are dancefloor killers, always funky and groovy they are full of creativity evolving into different atmospheres. a tribal exotic flavour on some tracks bring a fresh vibe into his productions, tom s music definitely is very human and always musical. tom s highly acclaimed and ever growing discography spreads far and wide through labels such as hartchef, minibar, trimsound (his own imprint), logistic, archipel, floppy funk, morris audio and telegraph. he regularly performs live around europe and can be witnessed displaying his bass guitar skills along side label partner leif with their trimsound live project.
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