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12" Vinyl NL 10.08.18
2018 repress of this timeless classic ,
versand ab 10.08.2018! , shipping starts from 10.08.2018

the desired by many and sought after ‘the time’ by vizar is getting a re-release. the hypnotic and sweeping track originally released in 2011 is still being featured in numerous dj sets to this day thus proving the ‘timelessness’ contrary to its title. besides these it appeared as one of the soundtracks in anatoly ivanov’s 2013 documentary ’kvadrat’ that is about the realities of techno djing exemplified by the life of andrey pushkarev. b-side is reserved for yet another worthy vizar masterpiece, ‘in between’.
Repeat Repeat Repeat
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12" Vinyl D 10.08.18
just imagine a unlimited number of invisible sensory tentacles sprouting from the brain striaght to exploring the future. for some years now innervisions are in good relation with toto, more and more they see creations develish detailed and deep as hell - harmony somewhere.
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12" Vinyl D 10.08.18
its done. the final, last and endmost volume of remixes for tuff city kids (aka philipp lauer and gerd janson) unique debut album adoldesscent are here. featuring kink, prins thomas, sascha funke, shan, justin strauss whatever/whatever project and brussels bohemian mugwump, tck originals are treated with acid, balearic rhythms, lean berlin grooves, new york city dubs, uk breaks and belgian new beats. there is something for every taste and one for each situation. the vinyl edition carries kink, prins thomas, sascha funke and the previously unreleased proto-rave rocket icebot. for the rest, hit the download button, please. thats all folks.
Permanent Vacation
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12" Vinyl UK 10.08.18
schwarze 12inch standard vinyl in farbiger hülle mit sticker. das englische erfolgsduo maribou state veröffentlicht eine 12inch mit club-versionen der beiden ersten singles ihres im september erscheinenden albums kingdoms in colour! featuring khruangbin!
Counter Records
B1: Turnmills
B2: Turnmills (Club Mix)
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl UK 10.08.18
verdant recordings continues its quest to provide a space for lesser-known artists exploring the deepest pockets of electronic music, not least around the 4/4 axis. next up on the label is the first public appearance from interjection, a london-based artist who has been cooking up an immersive sound for some time. her blissful solitude is a smoky deep house cut that drifts through heavy clouds of pads, while common places drops some brittle electro rhythms into the mix without lifting the veil of ambience. radiating soul has an equally intricate set of rhythms at work, with extra notes of 303 sprinkled over the top, and her nocturnal note finishes the ep off with a shimmering trip out to complement the a1.
VR 005
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12" Vinyl UK 10.08.18
fresh from london, fulham young blood joe corti starts a new london imprint, china white. the first entry to the catalog is a four track ep coming from himself: reprising the filtered disco house vibes that caught ears on his past releases on the a-side, and ditching the samples to flex a darker, deeper side on the b. the label will be a solid home for productions from joe and like-minded fellow friends.
China White
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12" Vinyl UK 10.08.18
the switzerland based group alma negra are offering a afro- and latininfluenced disco ep tailor made for lumberjacks in hell. with all the instruments played live, this ep sounds like and entire village celebrating the uplifting alma negra signature sound.
LIH 033
Lumberjacks In Hell
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