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12" Vinyl FR 17.10.18
for the first time on lp, maestro morricone’s full score for the erotico-giallo « grazie zia », directed in 1968 by savatore samperi and starring italian actress lisa gastoni, on this unique soundtrack, the genius composer has created a magical and suspenseful atmosphere based on the recurrent use of the boy’s choir of renata cortiglioni including the killer theme «guerra e pace, pollo e brace» with its funny rhyme and ferocious drums. limited edition with obi strip included. remastered from original tapes.
Transversales Disques
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2x12" Vinyl FR 28.06.18
never released before on lp, here comes the complete original soundtracks of french cult film composer françois de roubaix for director yves boisset. two movies that embody the two sides of francois de roubaix’s approach to recording. for le saut de l’ange (1971), the self-taught composer wrote an orchestration for some fifty musicians playing strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion with two distinct solo instruments alternating the main theme: indian sitar on the one hand and accordion on the other. r.a.s (1973) was recorded on a 8-track tape recorder, in françois de roubaix’s home studio rue de courcelle, where most of his 70’s scores were recorded. the result is a mix of military-march rhythms, rolls on the snare-drum with sounds of synthi aks syntheziser: de roubaix invented a modern sound for this contemporary-history tragedy.
Transversales Disques
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 18.04.18
limited edition double vinyl in gatefold sleeve. remastered high-resolution audio transferred directly from the original tapes. rare 1979 recording of bernard baschet performing on his sound sculptures.
Transversales Disques
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12" Vinyl US 08.02.18
first reissue of this essential lp by italian pioneer and ennio morricone cohort, alessandro alessandroni. originaly released on munich based experimental, progressive library label coloursound. alessandroni at his best: very refined italian cinematic sound, tense 12 strings guitar themes, synth sequences, beautiful sound of chamber classical music mixed with psych choir. you can feel alessandronis magical touch for melodies and arrangements on nearly each song and at the same time, some françois de roubaix reminiscence on themes like dramatic and sad farewell. no doubt each track of this underrated masterpiece could have been a classic soundtrack theme.
Transversales Disques
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