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12" Vinyl FR 08.10.19
first vinyl reissue of the 1973 soundtrack from bruno nicolai. remastered from the original tapes, including previously unreleased tracks.
Transversales Disques
A1: Sans Espoir
A2: Un Vie Brève
A3: L'accusée
A4: Rétrospective
A5: Thème De Juliette
A6: La Vérité
B1: Sans Espoir (Version 2)
B2: Incompris
B3: Un Vie Brève (Version 2)
B4: Le Pouvoir
B5: Thème De Juliette (Version 2)
B6: Tourbillon Final
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10" Vinyl D 19.01.17
first ever vinyl release of the soundtrack for helene cattet and bruno forzanis critically-acclaimed belgian french giallo amer (2009). limited edition 10inch vinyl 500 copies housed in heavy cardboard old stoughton tip-on jacket. music by soundtrack masters ennio morricone, stelvio cipriani, and bruno nicolai, and with a song by adriano celentano for fans of italian movie soundtracks, giallo and poliziotteschi movies, jazz, soul, library music, quentin tarantino, exploitation films of the 60s and 70s, erotic vibes, and solving murders. also, for private detectives and mysterious murderers
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2x12" Vinyl IT 25.04.18
after the big succesfull of the “metti una bossa a cena”, gerardo frisina now presents the unbelievable, amazing 2nd volume. a precious recovery of the past to revitalise the present, which builds up new ideas of the future. “metti una bossa a cena”, whose title is completely inspired by the famous soundtrack by ennio morricone, goes on into this research field, discovering very rare tracks of this italian bossa panorama. we believe the result is perfect. gerardo frisina, track compiler of this project, has brought to light some rare tracks and perfectly matched them to create a unique and elegant thread.
Schema Easy Series
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cd D 06.04.11
more raunchy, erotic filmmusic from the vaults of italian 60s & 70s cinema the finest in italian 60s sountracks course 2 the return of italys most raunchy, erotic and sensual film scores from b-movies of the 60s and 70s. after the stunning success of volume 1, the sequel tops its predecessor with even more stunning poster reproductions, information on the musicians and the feature films. italys most prominent film composers are here to give you excessive sounds of cult pasta cinema which often have never been released before. - cd (jewellcase) + 16 page booklet with poster
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15.99 EUR *

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