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2x12" Vinyl lp D 07.05.12
glitterbugs albums, releases and remixes (on respected labels such as mule, nowtown, ghostly, ki records and many more) have long placed him in a musical and artistic category of his own. he is a timeless, skillful and daring producer, immune to hypes and seasonal sub-genre fashions. he has developed his own particular musical language that spans seamlessly between deep techno and abstract intimate compositions, always poignant with score-like textures. his 3rd studio album, cancerboy, is another milestone conjoining powerful musical expression with heavy content.
C.Sides 009 LP
C Sides
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12" Vinyl D 03.11.08
glitterbug begleitet sein Überraschungsalbum mit zwei maxis. die erste bietet deepen zurückgelehnten techno mit toller atmosphäre & einem melodischen, genial geklöppelten lawrence mix
C.Sides 003
C Sides
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2x12" Vinyl D 17.05.10
>privilege< deals with the fortune of living out a dream in a world that does not grant all people with the same opportunities. over the last year i had the fortune to visit places around the globe in which i felt the obscene wealth of opportunities i have in life. its hard to bear that the majority of humanity will never have the chance to even dream of who and what they could have been. (glitterbug about his new album)
C Sides 007
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12" Vinyl D 15.02.10
christian loefflers raise ep is one of the most stunning pieces of recorded electronic music - at least thats what glitterbug and the rest of c.sides thought when the demo was first played back in their cologne studio, and they have been in love ever since.
C.Sides 006
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12" Vinyl D 12.10.09
following the great international success of glitterbugs album >supershelter<, everyone has been curious to hear what this unique and unmatched producer will bring us next. and truth is, there is a lot! glitterbug has been working on piles of new enchanting materials, tracks, projects and remixes.
as a first release in a series that will lead to his next (double cd) album, is the >dim flares ep<: a dream-like, intense and deep moody ep that carries that very special glitterbug sound to a whole new level, touching on deep emotional techno with a utopian 4/4 perspective.
this beautiful ep opens with >so much more>, an epic track that releases its melancholic-euphoric mood slowly over the course of 9 minutes, turning itself into a beautiful, hopeful, hand-raising screamer that floods the dance floor with overwhelming warmth and heartfelt love. side a ends with >deadpan<, an intense dark ambient miniature that lets us peak at glitterbugs world of score-like ambient compositions.
the b-side begins with >daubed beams<, a deephouse track all glitterbug. >daubed beams< feels like what mid 90s detroit techno released on warp would have sounded like: unbelievably deep, pensive, warm, divine and pumping.
c.sides latest emotive ep culminates with >be content<, a warm track with a deep drive of warped pads, a dark bass-line, airy percussion and unforgettable arpeggios. this exhilarating dance track is layered with bottomless emotions, the kind you want to close your eyes to, hug the person dancing next to you and wish it would never ever end.
the >dim flares ep< is the first in a series of 3 magnificently moving eps (by glitterbug, christian löffler, and a collaboration between glitterbug & ostgut ton s murat tepeli) to be released on the c.sides label in 2009-2010, all leading up to glitterbugs extraordinary next double album which is currently in the making and will be released in spring 2010.
C.Sides 005
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12" Vinyl D 01.12.08
die zweite auskopplung aus dem Überraschungsalbum >supershelter< hat alles was ein eine mischung austechno/indie/elektronik für die tanzfläche braucht. sehr nachhaltig und empfehlenswert.
C.Sides 004
C Sides
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Releases on CD / DVD

cd D 01.12.14
absence is filled with haunting sound and abyssal beauty, marked with profound sensitivity.

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cd D 07.05.12
grandioses deep-techno album von glitterbug, der bereits tracks auf einschlägigien labels wie mule, notown, ghostly und ki records veröffentlicht hat
C.Sides 009 CD
C Sides
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2cd D 12.09.11
hochinteressante doppel-cd-compilation auf c.sides, dem label des koelner produzenten glitterbug und der israelischen kuenstlerin ronni shendar. 10 neue und exklusive tracks von gold panda, khan, brandt brauer frick, glitterbug, mads brauer & casper clause von efterklang etc. waehrend mehr als zwei stunden spielzeit loten die beteiligten kuenstler die moeglichkeiten elektronischer musik jenseits der clubkonventionen aus - mit dem ziel, einen bescheidenen beitrag zu leisten, um aus der welt einen besseren ort zu machen.
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4xcd D 05.11.08
this is a 4 cd collection of different artists that played at the 2nd c.sides festival for independent electronic music and critical media art in jerusalem, a location that raises immediate questions, concerns and complexities. get an impression of innovative music and art with wider perspectives and contexts regarding cluture and society.
C Sides001
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cd D 17.05.10
the most exciting and intriguing undertaking of the flourishing glitterbug, is his breathtaking new double-cd album >privilege< which is a milestone that continues glitterbugs line of venturous sounds and overflowing inspirations, exploring and uncovering new frontiers of techno with 20 brand new tracks in an epic double cd with 2h20min playtime, and a 2x12 inch in beautifully sounding club quality!
C Sides 007cd
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