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12" Vinyl UK 12.05.17
making his long awaited return to salt mines. hymns produces a debut 12” flecked with restrained breakbeats. off-kilter rhythms and glistening pads. opener ‘water acid’ is an eerie amalgamation of aquatic electro and tense emotion. built for a fractured dancefloor deep in the arctic ring. a2 ‘searching for the real’ provides a brief moment of introspection. before b-side leader ‘heinz harald frentzen’ crashes down and amplifies the intensity with sharp breaks and rapid. stark percussion. closing the release. title track ‘waves of nothing’ showcases hymns at his best. utilising lonely synths and equally mechanical and organic percussion to create a sentimental. vulnerable climax.
Salt Mines
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2x12" Vinyl UK 17.01.18
one year after its first release. nagual drift is back on the radar. exploring a panel of emotions and a wide range of sounds and feelings.
this various artists compilation features contrasting atmospheric shades of the dance floor. from acidic house tools to blooming ethereal soundscapes. bright and buoyant breakbeat to melancholic cuts from the left field of house to deep. dark and sorrowful techno.
ndft002 is a drifting. shifting landscape of collected emotional music from a pool of talented producers.
2x12” double ep. housed in a handmade silk-screen process cover limited to 500 numbered copies.
Nagual Drift
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12" Vinyl UK 27.07.17
play !t loud deliver their third release. another essential v/a featuring dj different. s olbricht. hymns and rico casazza with melanie houston. this one’s vinyl only.
Play !t Loud
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12" Vinyl UK 23.06.17
returning with four tracks from four upcoming artists. lkr003 explores a variety of styles on the fringes of modern techno. with elements of industrial. noise. atmospheric ambience and clattering breakbeats forming an uncompromising whole.
on the a-side. strahinja arbutina’s brutal four-to-the-floor techno screamer ‘dehumidifier’ rattles the roof. leading into iazikzazubami’s slower. mysteriously murky ‘brmaa’. where visions of dark landscapes are conjured. on the b-side. consulate drags you further deep into the nightclub dungeon with his techno + breaks laden stomper ‘klattenburg’. while the ep is drawn to a determined close with hymns’ ‘map 7’. which gathers the eerie. robotic vibes of the previous cuts. and projects them into an energetic. mechanical climax.
LKR Records
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12" Vinyl UK 29.05.17
melbourne based momentary records returns for their second release. delivering 4 heavyweight club tracks with a simmering energy ready to take the night in new directions.
Momentary Records
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SALT 002
12" Vinyl UK 02.05.16
salt mines return with another selection of artists from it’s birthplace of australia and abroad. astral house and ethereal techno drive this heavyweight 12” to celestial heights and beyond. saturated pads and synth work brim with emotion whilst clattering beats shuffle through the dust covered floor.
Salt Mines
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cd D 26.03.12
a-sun amissa is a new project formed out of leeds. uk by members of glissando. built on the foundations of the unknown. a project that encompasses minimalist drones. modern-classical movements and avant-garde tendencies. richard knox (glissando. the rustle of the stars. of thread & mist) & angela chan (glissando. the rustle of the stars. ten. tomorrow we sail) began forming the initial ideas in the autumn of 2011. moving away from the piano-led ambience of previous outputs.
gzh36 cd
Gizeh Records
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