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12" Vinyl UK 17.09.18
following the late night swing of javonntte’s hm002, hardmatter uncovers another detroit talent for their third offering: malik alston. in his first vinyl release in several years, the rebirth ep explores a spiritual jazz soundscape with all of the verve of the city’s trusted sound. beside the soulful ballad of “love changes” featuring evan on guitar, the record’s lead song, “i am”, focuses on malik’s signature instrumentation and live improvisation. the track is a seven minute collaboration between craig huckaby, howard wazeerud-din ii and hardmatterís own zapata, who complement malik’s gospel-inspired vocals, the first time he has sung on a track in four years.
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11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 22.08.07
super versatile 3 track offering from malik alston ranging in style from abstract jazz house, to beautiful rnb and downtempo latinjazz
Truth Manifest
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 16.03.07
finest jazzy flavoured melodic detroit music at its best !!
Third Ear
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6.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 19.04.17
the incredible doublepack with exclusive unreleased tracks by marcellus pittman rich white delano smith mike huckaby keith worthy malik olston and others all the artists are essential creators and perpetuators of the musical heritage of the motor city
Still Music

also available as:
CD (EUR 15.99)
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21.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 29.06.11
four veteran detroit creators, individually accomplished and respected. each, a producer / performer / dj with a long history of deep, inspired, electronic and accoustic music, so innovative, to spawn a genre all its own. soiree records proudly showcases these melodious, technological, architecs on the first installment of detroit: deepconstructed. drivetrain leads off with driven. multifunctional and intelligent this one was constructed from the floor up, genuine and raw. throbbing rhythm and harmonious pads generate the perfect ambience for the signature vocal proclamation. next up, dorian gigís, the james herbert theory is a courageously deep, tech flow. gigs solid detroit influence clearly takes centerstage. thick, fat chords atop a flanged hi-hat move the air while the syncopated riffs fill the groove. dwayne jensen returns from a long departure with i see the sun light. reflecting jensens untold late night, underground experiences.this crafted pulsating, solid house swing inserts a hypnotic vocal chant for total authenticity. new to soiree records, but a known novice and powerhouse to the cause, malik alston’s offering is dance jazz. showing off some extraordinary piano chops, backed-up by a mental sax riff, alstonís unyeilding bassline and acid blips will not disappoint the dance floor. detroit: deepconstucted is music undefined from a place where music does not compromise.
Soiree Records
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8.39 EUR *
10" Vinyl UK 26.06.06
soulful detroit beatdown house tracks
Third Ear 053
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9.99 EUR *
cd+dvd US 18.05.12
including tracks by amp fiddler, rick >the godson< wilhite, mike huckaby, kenny dixon jr. (moodymann), keith worthy, malik alston, delano smith! plus: a 30 minute film called >in the dark<: featuring exclusive footage and interviews from rick the godson wilhite, ron trent, mike grant, mike huckaby, franki dj 3000 juncaj, keith butts, pirahnahead & diviniti, paul randolph, malik alston, e man, and norm talley, among others.
Still Music

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 21.29)
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15.99 EUR *
cd UK 25.11.11
john peel nannte ihn den baron des techno, der kompromisslose, anarchische punkstyle seiner techno und electro-produktionen und -mixsets ist berüchtigt: dave clarke schnappt sich 17 upfront-tunes, oft noch unbekannte, neue releases, und kreiert ein überwältigendes set aus gothic-darkem, bassgetriebenem techno und real electro, dass dem hörer die knie schlottern. um dann zum ende hin dunkles hinterland zu betreten, eine grauzone, in der techno und electro auf electronica treffen, wenn clatterbox (mit exklusivem track!), w1b0 und baz reznik einen makabren todestanz mit sich immer stärker verlangsamenden beats und atmosphärischer emotion aufführen.
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13.99 EUR *
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