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2x12" Vinyl UK 19.04.17
the incredible doublepack with exclusive unreleased tracks by marcellus pittman rich white delano smith mike huckaby keith worthy malik olston and others all the artists are essential creators and perpetuators of the musical heritage of the motor city
Still Music

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CD (EUR 15.99)
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21.29 EUR *
cd+dvd US 18.05.12
including tracks by amp fiddler, rick >the godson< wilhite, mike huckaby, kenny dixon jr. (moodymann), keith worthy, malik alston, delano smith! plus: a 30 minute film called >in the dark<: featuring exclusive footage and interviews from rick the godson wilhite, ron trent, mike grant, mike huckaby, franki dj 3000 juncaj, keith butts, pirahnahead & diviniti, paul randolph, malik alston, e man, and norm talley, among others.
Still Music

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 21.29)
out of stock
15.99 EUR *

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