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12" Vinyl D 05.11.19
no words needed, just listen!! hot
Hooded Records
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11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 27.04.18
irazu returns to stale after his acclaimed “shtamm” with regis in 2017. this time pessimist take charge on the remix duties, filling a dense and energetic long play vinyl where irazu shows his strongest work to date.
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9.15 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl NL 08.09.17
stale releases st151, st163 and st153 all bundled up for one special price!
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11.88 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 05.05.17
after multiple cassette and 12” releases through kastil’s stale in 2016, it’s time for irazu’s latest addition to the series of complex techno works. “shtamm” is a package that contains four original cuts + a remix by specialist of high-end machine music regis. “refused to be found” is a soaring travel through moods and sonic landscapes which at times resonates like a helicopter flying through an inner city estate building. the aesthetic nature of the opening track is extended through “shtamm”. a multi dimensional piece of work that showcases a more submersive side of irazu s broad pallette. “last hours” is a cinematic stroke of vivid pads that sound like they were extracted from a remastered russian thriller classic. regis opens ups the b-side with a rework of “shtamm”. the off-beat machine funk of the remix leaves little of the original mix intact, yet regis has turned it into a staggering piece of ferocity. “torso” is another irazu original that sound like 7.5 minutes of vigorous rhythms and swerving perc elements.
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9.15 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 15.04.16
madrid based artist irazu has a couple of tricks up his sleeve. apart from creating outlandish rhythms that are hard to pin down to one specific box in the spectrum of electronic music, irazu also proves to have a strong visual and intellectual identity.
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9.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 07.07.17
st173 is the first various artists effort on kastil’s stale imprint. the 3rd installment of 2017 showcases the most active artists from the stale stable (kastil & irazu).
kastil opens up the record with the noteworthy tones of “carucci” while madrid based irazu offers a wild adventure that’s constructed around his usual paranoidsynth work and frantic fx with “introversion”.
basel native ben kaczor is offering a piece of acidic techno on “sick acido” and desroi explores the dystopian side of electronic music with his “disprocess”.
out of stock
9.15 EUR *
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