12" Vinyl D

Hooded Records / HOODED005

Front View : Irazu - LAST RAYS - Hooded Records / HOODED005
Back View : Irazu - LAST RAYS - Hooded Records / HOODED005

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After publishing in labels like Semantica, Hara, Stale or Jealous God, Irazu exposes his vulnerable flank in Hooded Records in a record with great healing power for the nightlife-damaged minds. The precious melodies and soothing titles Lavender Mist, Just Breathe, and the homonym Last Rays, manage to tame the Shimmering Substance(s) and to overflow the broken ravers souls with pure, uncut love, while freeing them from the fears and anxieties usually attached to the comedown of an over-extended, masochistic, polydrug fueled sesh. We could say that the work is seeded in a Burialesque music for after the rave kind of feeling, but its root rather emerges from Berlin's spacious techno soil and the purest, uncut human emotions. The vinyl comes in a classic 4 tracker EP format and the digital adds on Bandcamp two ambient pieces making the whole thing a sort of lifejacket Mini-album for the sinners. [info sheet from distr.]
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