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12" Vinyl UK Pre sale (08.02.2021)
ALT 001
11.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT Pre sale (30.11.2020)
back in the days
Novi Orbis
11.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 22.10.20
4 tracker des produktiven produzenten eliaz, in denen er seine geflochtene version von elektro- und acidhouse präsentiert.
From The Void Above
out of stock
11.61 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 07.10.20
limited to 300 copies.
Subterranean Odyssey
in stock
12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.09.19
eliaz mit seiner zweiten ep
3N0 003
3N0 Records
out of stock
11.69 EUR *
acidic minimal tech tracks -- incl. oli silva, meta 4 and jorge gamarra
EYA 005
Eya Records
out of stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 29.04.19
cartulis music brings the debut ep from slovenian artist eliaz.
CRTL 009
Cartulis Music
out of stock
10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 25.09.15
after 12 digital releases in 3 years muttis mischkonsum comes up with its first vinyl. its packed with four tracks, two originals from the labelartists max perow and marquez lux on the a-side and two remixes from sebo and eliazar on the b-side, wich are originally from another labelartist, this is heinz. the compilation -muttis mischkonusm- is clearly made for the dancefloor. the sound is deep with a touch of techouse, house and techno.
Muttis - Mischkonsum
out of stock
4.83 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 22.07.15
appropriate to the golden gate club s philosophy and attitude, -its never to late for gate-, ggcr is coming up with cat.002. it took nearly 2 years for this second release, we could also say, better now then never or good things take time, but hey, who cares anyway? to the content, -golden times- is a exclusive various artist collection, trying to reflect the wide spectrum of sound we find in the place. four very different producers with four different tracks but yet a unique vibe. techno, deep house, tech house and electronica goes here very smoothly hand in hand. while only three of them, saytek, midas 104 and elizar & dromme are placed on the vinyl, samuel fach s -technologie- has been added as digital bonus.
Golden Gate Club Records
in stock
8.28 EUR *
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