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12" Vinyl D 29.07.14
all it takes to distinguish a deep house release from all the others these days is the people involved behind it. in this case, who has proven to be as comfortable as making techno for mobilee, viva music and 2020vision, as he is to produce elaborate jazz arrangements, covering electronic music songs with his jazz trio, is the man behind the first two original tracks for the taverna tracks imprint.
Taverna Tracks
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12" Vinyl D 25.04.14
with sincopat 21 we start a new chapter in the label, we ask the illustrator philip cassirer to create a really special artwork for the next 10 eps, is a mosaic made up with ten pieces starting in the 21th release and ending with the 30th, we call it sincopat island and just 300 limited vinyl copies will me made for every single release, so you will just be able to build the puzzle getting our next 10 releases.
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2x12" Vinyl D 24.06.13
the electronic dance world has seen the many sides of as a talented musician, a multi-faceted producer and a live performer on the dance floor but his latest musical rebirth has sparked a new jolt of inspiration to travel back to his early days in thessaloniki where he passed the hours of the day discovering and analyzing a world of dance vinyls that ultimately shaped him as a live act today. the product of this rebirth is mobilees next album release, eternal return.
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12" Vinyl D 09.10.12
>sometimes music just needs to be released directly from the soul.<, or andreas as we know him, does not fit the mold of the standard dj or live act. as a swing rhythm trumpeter, he brings a foreign texture in electronic music to the table. his love for live performance, sound boards, equalizers, free styling and jamming in bands has fused his talents into something unique that has the name bouncing off the lips of fans and label heads alike.
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl D 08.05.12
written and produced by andreas dimitriadis aka, mobilees 92nd release is a compilation of ideas and work developed in three different cities.
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 12.05.11
noir music is bringing back the sun with this delightful piece of deephouse music from los suruba. haunting vocals on fantastic melodies and moods through out the spanish pantalones journey. brilliantly keeps the mood and makes the whole feel a little more clubby with his in your face bassline and production.
we hope this little pearl will stay in your set for many months to come and hopefully stay as a summer favourite.
early support by: luciano, butch, dubfire, gel abril, gorge, julien chaptal, okain, jamie anderson, timo garcia, kaiserdisco, paul harris, aki bergen, paco osuna, loko, tom budden, the junkies, acumen, edu imbernon, coyu, lee burridge, huxley, nice7, mihalis safras, peter horrevorts + many more.
Noir Music
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12" Vinyl D 07.03.11
you last saw in mobilees hi five anniversary compilation stroking the dancefloor with the beautiful >isalos<, and now hes back with a brand new solo release, full of energy and that special flavour with a psychedelic twist! >psychedelic love< is a strong three track ep, served with his revered signature trumpet sounds and melodies, layered over tightly programmed swinging beats - bringing his completely unique live act out from the clubs and on to wax. for those of you that are well acquainted with and.ids productions, you may also notice a slight change in his sound in this release, with an enjoyable harder and more raw feel creeping in. combine this with eery samples, and trumpet builds, you have an amazing collection of tracks that are going to shake the floor! also watch out for and.ids guest release on 2020 vision !
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12" Vinyl UK 01.03.11
2020vision welcome to the family. is known for his releases on anja schneider’s mobilee label, recent remixes of steve lawler (viva) and timewriter (plastic city) and a superb live show that has been taken in fabric and panorama bar.
2020 Vision
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12" Vinyl D 26.04.10 is an artist whose musical talents are impressively far-reaching, as his recent installment of the back to back series with jazz interpretations of mobilee classics powerfully brought to everyones attention. after a long spell in the studio with his b.a.n.d and a variety of instruments, has gone solo for his next project, i will be there, and hes taking us back to the dance floor where he is equally at home, as his other releases on mobilee such as first talk have shown. title track i will be there lands heavily with a punching kick drum and there is little release before the bass and groove come in, meanwhile b1:five brings back and.ids signature jazzy sounds with some melodic pianochords. b2:erotica brings all of the elements together with a strong melodic bass line and punch kick, making it the stand out track of the release. tthere is something for everybody in this package and it will definitely get you moving….enjoy!
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12" Vinyl D 24.08.09
after hitting his stride in 2008 with his debut for mobilee one is not enough followed by his second release, sand on the floor, the one-man phenomenon is back for a third round for mobilees 55th release entitled first talk, an enthralling tech-house release that is as boundless as it is stunning. the a-side first talk is a bouncing techy track that constantly moves forward and progresses without sounding the least bit rushed, continuously teasing the listener with build-ups that stop just short of peaking. combining vintage synths and reverb-laced loops, meticulously plays with dynamics and atmospherics with the end result being a release that constantly moves forward without sounding the least bit rushed. b1 ephoria maintains a similar level of compelling restraint, with stuttered house beats and melodic undercurrents that morph and shift until they transform into arpeggiated swells leading the track to its endpoint. on b2 lights on displays his darker, more minimal side, taking advantage of lower frequency ranges and recurrent echoes
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12" Vinyl D 18.03.08
mobilee proudly welcomes a new producer to the family,, aka andreas dimitriadis. hailing from thessaloniki, greece, andreas is known for several releases on colognes ware label as well as remixes for the likes of si begg, he’s also a member of non, the collective behind thessaloniki’s acclaimed reworks festival along with many other electronic-music events across greece
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12" Vinyl D 03.07.06
mathematische tüftelei ist s sache nicht. straight, direkt und impulsiv sind die losungen die ansprechen
Ware 066
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2xcd D 08.02.10
mobilee —or perhaps we should say back to back—with the fourth installment of its compilation and dj-mix series.
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12" Vinyl UK 19.10.16
the first installment of cacao, cwhirring loops. don t mess gets a treatment from italo-german pair black loops. amping up the groove and adding distorted eerie vocals, the remix keeps the initial disco appeal with an added dose of deep tech grit, destined for late night dancentral american rooted label with a knack for refreshing house & techno flavours, showcases five tracks that ooze exotic dopeness. the duo k.e.e.n.e. strut their noted production skills, kicking off with the disco house hybrid don t mess. with a permeating vocal hook and scintillating synths, a relentless groove shapes the deeply immersive arrangement. who stole the soul offers up an exhilarating tech house exploration, pairing spacious percussion with undulating synths. resulting in a playful and versatile melody with a wandering vocal, the cut comes as is as well as purely instrumental. jumps on the remix, increasing the deepness factor and instilling an almost underwater-like ambiance through whizzing synths and e floor antics.
Cacao Records
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EMVPACK002 005 / 006 / 007 (3X12 INCH)
12" Vinyl NL 07.01.16
bang for your buck, 3 for the price of 2 - proper house tunes from the escapism musique headquarters including emv005 / emv006 / emv007.
Escapism Musique
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12" Vinyl NL 17.11.14
this autumn comes with a new vinyl for the romanian label escapism musique. emv007 - no eyes ep gathers an amazing collaboration between kasbah zoo & oniwax (mood records, zoo: technique, inmotion music) with great remixes from the well known producers and steve parker! the cool tech house vibe combines perfectly with the techno rhythm creating a bomb vinyl prefect for the dancefloor. enjoy and long live the vinyl! early feedback from: butch, dave seaman, hermanez, nick curly, leon, gel abril, wally lopez, kellerkind, nicolas masseyeff, dirty channels, michel de hey, helmut dubnitzky, deltano, daniel mehlhart, matteo spedicati, tom pooks, simina grigoriu, someone else ...
Escapism Musique
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12" Vinyl D 11.11.14
echonomist is back on rotary cocktail records this time with vocal support of the amazing black soda from south africa. petros delivers two original mixes which sound like classic inspired detroit tracks with deep basslines, melancholy synths, groovy chords and driving analogue drum machines to provide the perfect soundbed for black sodas distinctive hypnotic vocals. additionally youandme and deliver just the kind of emotional interpretations that touch our souls in the right moments with their beautiful remixes.
Rotary Cocktail
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SALES PACK 02 (3X12)
3x12" Vinyl D 03.04.14
special sales pack for all you ware lovers out there - contains 3 classic releases
- ware078: schaffhäuser & friends - unequal equality part 2
- ware084: schaffhäuser & xhin - the revenge of the imperial sauce
- ware093: ziggy kinder - barboom
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12" Vinyl D 24.11.10
plastic city asked 4 of the best german producers and remixers to give their interpretation of timewriters album beauty >pasodoble<. and here they are:, kruse & nuernberg, pol_on and junior gee!
Plastic City
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12" Vinyl D 19.02.10
amazing! 1 track - 3 different versions. fantastic release by mr. nice guy toby dreher, a part of dreher and with the original he delivers a fabulous symphony. agaric (raum/treibstoff/liebe*detail) builds up a wicked house tool and the greek import (mobilee/ware) rocks our headphones with his slammin reinterpretation.
supported by: dj emerson, dj sneak, gregor tresher, karotte, benno blome, butane, mark henning, markus kavka, gunnar stiller, hot chip .....
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12" Vinyl D 25.06.09
supported by: gabriel ananda, kolombo, lars sommerfeld, carl cox, dole & kom, jennifer, patrick zigon, sei a, andrew grant à
laudert has a passion for music and classic funk and soul roots. it is also entered in the electronic music scene in berlin in 1998. he originally released aus der hüfte on boxer records in 2003. it was for many clubbers a dancefloor anthem, a classic burner, so beautiful. we do a reissue of this track in a 2009 version with 2 new remixes, beautiful and effective. and i.d., the greek artist ever seen on mobilee among others. and another of echonomist, our protected petros who deliver a wonderful adaptation. a must have! a bomb! do not miss it for anything in the world!
Time Has Changed
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12" Vinyl D 02.03.09
mathias schaffhäuser bekommt auf seiner zweiten album maxi support von alex smoke, ziggy kinder & detailierte und gehaltvolle minimaltracks welche elegant & abwechslungsreich ihre runden drehen. support by james holden, butane, martin landsky, seth troxler, gabriel ananda, jeff bennett, maetrik
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2xcd UK 23.08.16
die beiden spanischen resident-djs uner (diynamic) und dosem zaubern zwei makellose mixsets aus feinsten house- und techno-grooves aus den Ärmeln. featuring luciano,, terranova, prok & fitch, martin landsky, u.v.a.
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cd D 09.04.13
next mobilee master stroke! 2 cd compilation mixed bei rodriguez jr
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2x cd D 31.05.12
feat. tracks by omar s, joris voorn, lco dice, jay haze, guti, iron curtis.. balance music presents balance 021 mixed by nic fanciulli. the saved records boss delivers a stunningly intricate mix that highlights his ethos as dj and label owner. cd1, entitled simply balance is a subtle and expertly crafted mix that balances a plethora of diverse tracks, often three at a time, to create an expansive but well focused journey. on cd2, nic showcases the sound and ethos of his own saved records with a collection of records exclusive to the imprint. whilst keeping the focus on quality house music, the mix highlights the diversity within the label with a discernable collection of tracks that straddle various styles, atmospheres and tempos – many of which will be available exclusively through balance 021.
Balance Music
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2xcd + 1x dvd D 26.03.12
mobilee back to back vol. 6 - präsentiert von pan-pot! monster package - 2 cds mit mobilee releases und ein pan pot back to back mix auf cd 2! incl. tour documentation die zum ersten mal die persönlichkeiten hinter der musik zeigen!
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17.54 EUR *
cd D 04.10.11
as an artist with already a lot of very successful material to his name, rodriguez jr.s debut album bittersweet is a highly anticipated release. there are in fact many reasons why people should hold their breath for it - an impressive 11 track body of work that features some of the well renowned and loved rodriguez jr. sonic traits, as well as a lot of new and previously unchartered musical ground. it simultaneously presents techno, atmospheric dub, hypnotic, melancholy and hands down hedonistic music, and with a focus on exploring textures and moods, there is something here for everyone to get lost in
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15.59 EUR *
cd D 01.08.11
heidis-run jackathon parties have been hitting cities internationally since late 2009, now with residencies in london, berlin, paris, miami, manchester and amsterdam – jackd house is truly taking a fair slice of the scene. the compilation isnt an add on, a supplement to the nights: its deep grounded sound and thoughtfully crafted line-up backs up the global club-motion that is emerging within heidis control.mix favourites step up as the deep and bassy foundings of deetrons the juggler, funk-told incoming bitch by soul clap and move-strong whiff it yawl from jamie jones. although the first mix this year to really engage in houses history, its freedom status – it escapes cliche, avoiding big cheez for serious deep, electronics: heidi keeps the listing real. the especially-recorded vocal drops of house-legend derrick carter also make the record what it is, his infamous chicago-born vox gives residence to what heidis trying to do: resurrect the old school.dancefloor destruction is on pause, the club is still a playground, still moving hard theres just more room to play now, as steve bugs last track titles: jacks back.
Get Physical Music
in stock
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cd D 01.03.11
mobilees back to back compilation series has been a staple part of the imprints release schedule over the years. originally started by anja schneider, it has since been presented by gummihz, miss jools and most recently with his unique jazz interpretations of classic mobilee tracks. the 5th installment of the series is coming soon, and we are very excited to announce that our longtime label member and leading artist marcin czubala is at the helm.
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2x cd D 04.03.09
double cd set features londons miss jools... cd1 with all their 2008 top tracks.... cd2 is all new remixes mixed by jools to a spectacular 2-disc-set
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cd IT 12.09.08
mixed double cd, incl. tracks by gregor tresher, loco dice, mark mendes, radio slave, marco bailey, forian meindl, glenn morrison, sia, mind x, ercola, fragma and many more!
Cinnamon Flava
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19.49 EUR *
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