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12" 17.05.21
revelation ep is the debut release of australian record label denude, showcasing the latest work of melbourne based artist eddie hale. the title track revelation is both driving and warm - layered percussion lines rise and fall amongst detroit inspired stabs and subtly textured elements creating an infectious and uplifting groove. a2’s surging is both tunnelling and driving - straight into late night / early hours territory - with swirling sounds forming a hypnotizing sonic bath for the body and mind. rounding up the a side with a change of pace, aperture’s syncopated percussion leads us on a peaceful detour through ethereal synthscapes as we follow the round journey of an evolving sound that travels full circle. on the flip, joel mull’s hypno mix of revelations propels the listener with mechanical precision through dizzyingly expansive atmospheres of truly mind melting proportions. closing out the ep is terrace of an elephant, tranquil and reflective synth-work juxtaposed with coloured stabs striking through like comets across the night sky - brings us back down to earth in a contemplative mood.
Denude Records
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12" 30.12.20
dormancy is a mesh machine-like tweaks and dramatic themes that may have been inert until eddie hales songcraft forces it to stagger and sway with the synthetic rhythm. the title track begins with breathy synths and builds up its momentum with the bouncing beat. impulses is a dramatic dance floor track, fencing chords tangle with the rhythm that pulses constantly. bustling and elastic sound of variant 1 evokes the body to move along its excitable groove. the tensile theme of ju-6 never looses its cools with the stagger drums. jon hesters remix of dormancy keeps the overall theme but adding an old school approach as the track builds up with creamy synths juxtaposed with the clangy percussion.
Odd Even
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12" 27.04.15
excellent phunky / chicago house tracks from eddie leader, chez damier, tom lynch, siler & dima, thomas zander...
BM Muzik
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2x12" 15.06.18
after the highly successful first volume in the stag-o-lee dj set series we present volume 2. again an 80 minute set - this time by stuttgart based dj joe whirlypop. joe is a jack of all trades, someone who can make a wedding crowd dance, is well versed in new wave and punk and everything in between. but his biggest love is the 50’s and early 60’s. he is playing all over stuttgart for years, but these two discs reflect his monthly shake your bones residency at stuttgarts famous goldmarks club. expect all kinds of blues - from jump to rhythm & to raw electric.
Stag O Lee
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2x12" lp UK 04.12.14
the last shout präsentiert die in vergessenheit geratenen superhelden der blues-shouter-generation, die die amerikanischen nachtclubs und r&b-charts nach dem krieg dominierten. trotz des aufkommenden rock n roll sturms erhielten viele durch ihr erarbeitetes standing in der musikindustrie mitte der fünfziger ihre letzten chancen zu aufnahmen. the last shout dokumentiert diese zwielichtige zeit und bietet die letzten großartigen werke des genres zwischen 1954 und 1962. die limitierte 2lp-edition enthält 32 ausgewählte stücke der 97-track starken 3cd-edition. die linter notes stammen von r&b-kenner und compiler dave penny.
Fantastic Voyage
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