Eddie Hale - DORMANCY

Eddie Hale


12" Vinyl D

Odd Even / ODDEVEN033

Front View : Eddie Hale - DORMANCY (JON HESTER RMX) - Odd Even / ODDEVEN033
Back View : Eddie Hale - DORMANCY (JON HESTER RMX) - Odd Even / ODDEVEN033

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Dormancy is a mesh machine-like tweaks and dramatic themes that may have been inert until Eddie Hales songcraft forces it to stagger and sway with the synthetic rhythm. The title track begins with breathy synths and builds up its momentum with the bouncing beat. Impulses is a dramatic dance floor track, fencing chords tangle with the rhythm that pulses constantly. Bustling and elastic sound of Variant 1 evokes the body to move along its excitable groove. The tensile theme of JU-6 never looses its cools with the stagger drums. Jon Hesters remix of Dormancy keeps the overall theme but adding an old school approach as the track builds up with creamy synths juxtaposed with the clangy percussion.

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