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12" Vinyl, 180 g UK 26.07.19
alex font has many strings to his bow, not least running the excellent acme label, and here he is on one of his other ventures, third stream. with improvisation placed at the forefront of the creative process, font turns out functional club tracks with curious kinks and moments of intrigue worked into the structure. onda tropical is definitely dj friendly with its insistent percussive framework, but there are interesting diversions, fills and edits peppered throughout. musica moderna (cds tribute) meanwhile rolls on a more consistent groove, with a more organic set of drums pitched right at the heart of a long and winding dj set
Thirdstream 02
Third Stream
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14.99 EUR *
ACME 006
12" Vinyl UK 10.04.18
alex font welcomes through his only vinyl imprint acme to two of the most prolific and interesting producers of the minimal-house romanian scene, lizz and vincentiulian.
ACME 006
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16.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.09.17
acme 05 part2 delivers again a strong ep full of good taste and expression to close this collaboration between alex font and his romanian brothers. we can feel here the full spectrum of the acme sound. as usually very limited exemplars, only vinyl release with 250 copies. andere ve
ACME Music
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15.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl, 180 g UK 03.08.17
third stream is the new project developed by alex font and it is dedicated specially for the real diggers. this record hardly has any promotion in order to preserve the music to those who invest buying the music and dig deeply. no promo pools, no soundcloud, no facebook fan page or shit like that. we could call this a true only vinyl record with just 150 copies.
Thirdstream 01
Third Stream
Last Copy!
15.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.06.17
valencias alex font welcomes romanias sepp to acme for the first instalment of mis hermanos rumanos for an intricate split vinyl release limited to 250 copies. acme boss alex font has been producing nuanced house music for over a decade, cultivating a signature style that blends funk, jazz, latin, and techno whilst fine-tuning his skills as a club dj throughout europe for years. meanwhile, uvar and catren founder sepp, who s one of the most influential producers of the new romania minimal-techno scene, has kept equally busy creating and curating quality minimal, including appearances on apotek studio and ada kaleh romania, not to mention an album on uvar. first up, sepps cantecul fusului combines rolling grooves with hypnotic atmospherics before alex font s murph injects a visceral low-end bounce alongside slithering percussion. next, font keeps the reigns with mambo 3, a heady dance-floor number riddled with crunchy drums and a dusty aesthetic before listen to me closes the ep with the eerie phrase just listen to me echoed among crackling ambience for a meditative finishing touch
ACME 005
ACME Music
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13.99 EUR *
2x 12" Vinyl UK 30.09.16
first double ep from acme boss alex font, you can feel the full spectrum of his sound in this limited 200 only vinyl ep
ACME 004
ACME Music
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19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 29.06.16
spanish musician alex font delivers the third release from his acme imprint this may with two groove led cuts set for a limited release of 200 copies on vinyl. since his first release in 2008, alex font has been etching his name into the worlds of house and minimal, building up an impressive back catalogue of releases on labels including oblack and nite grooves. his imprint acme s debut release 001 garnered support from dyed soundorom, ricardo villalobos, seth troxler, san proper and sascha dive amongst many, and font returns to deliver the third instalment in the labels catalogue. la buena onda kicks off the release with a series of punchy kicks, organic percussion licks and general funkiness before easing into a classic house groove reinforced by its compelling lead line and charming vocals. second offering sincopa y contratiempo switches things up with a minimal arrangement of shuffling hats, glitchy pops and clicks, a distinctly off-kilter swing and delicate nuances throughout its near 12 minute journey.
ACME 003
ACME Music
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl, 180 g UK 19.05.16
second release from alex font imprint, acme
ACME 002
ACME Music
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9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 03.12.15
limited to 250 copies.spain s alex font inaugurates his new acme imprint. on the a side, sound on canvas is deep and percussive minimal house with a rolling bassline and trippy sound design that is typically suited to awkward and paranoid afterhours shenanigans. the rhythm gets up more on the deep house tip, still keeping the exotic wooden percussion grooves with organ stabs and dreamy, swirling keys that fans of the mountain people or agnes and quarion will appreciate. on the flip into the flux is a sweaty, peak time people mover, using the same reliable elements like on the other side but with a swing fuelled groove and a hell of a lot of funk that fans of sascha dive or brothers vibe will no doubt dig.
ACME 001
ACME Music
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 22.01.15
alex font repeats in oblack- only like the best and he does it showing the most acidic and clubby version of that the real house that permeates their sound from start to finish. this acid flow is the fifteenth reference of the pastorial label commanded by snna and nacho arauz- from ibiza the valencian alex font presents us with an original passage of festive house, trotter and no-friend of the depressions where the legendary sound of the roland tb-303 is the pacesetter, disguises the soul and adds foundation to the track. and, since it breaks the acidic sound through antonomasia, this acid flow, shows his playful and fun side. this is a bright and optimistic theme, designed and checked to make us dance with a smile on our face, no doubt. a bare-chested tribute to those early 90s when electronics was all about joy and effervescence.
Oblack Label
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 14.03.13
alex font is a serious guy who knows that now is his time. a multi-instrumentalist, as well as a producer and dj, he can sometimes be seen on stage in trademark shirt and bow tie. he declares himself a lover of vinyl and, above all, what he calls real house. i think that says it all.
Oblack Label
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.05.11
prok & fitchs floorplay label with an ep featuring cevin fisher, david penn & alex font.
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7.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.05.08
timbee strikes back again. this time featuring spanish newcomer duo >aboga & alex font<. their track >excuse me< is a straight grooving tech-house monster that works on every floor. on the flip the label owners patric la funk & timo becker themselves deliver a stunning remix
out of stock
7.59 EUR *
OBLACK SALESPACK INCL. 001 / 004 / 005 (3X12 INCH)
3x12" Vinyl NL 23.02.15
limited available in a nice pack, oblack001 / oblack004 and oblack005 feat. los pastores, jetro & david gtronic and alex font. remixes by aldo cadiz, hermanez, mihai popoviciu, martinez and shall ocin.
Oblack Label
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11.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 12.09.11
2017 repress, this album shows chicagos chess records at its height in the 1960s. artists include howlin wolf, bo diddley, etta james, the stereos, the soulful strings, ramsey lewis, eve barnum, & more. 20 tracks
Soul Jazz Records

also available as:
CD (EUR 16.95)
Last Copy!
26.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 15.01.08
well known and classic acapella tools. feat acapellas by todd terry all stars feat tara mcdonald, pete doyle, copyright, lisa millett, djd feat phillipa alexander, johnny corporate, kings of tomorrow, osunlade feat divine essence, quentin harris feat margaret grace and lenny fontana
out of stock
6.99 EUR *
cd UK 04.09.13
deep into nite grooves: mixed & selected by dj spinna - das label nite grooves macht sich bereit im jahre 2014 seinen 20. geburtstag zu feiern. um das ereignis gebührend zu feiern wurde dj spinna beauftragt die vielfaeltigen und deepen sounds des labels mit seiner unbestreitbaren faehigkeit zu erschließen. dj spinna hat schon fuer mary j. blige, stevie wonder, michael jackson, de la soul geremixed und hier bekommen wir in eine 80-minuetige musikalische reise in form einer 22-song zusammenstellung.
King Street Sounds
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15.99 EUR *
cd D 30.10.12
limited nice price action !!! bpitchs ellen allien and watergate release the mix cd of the new year, following up to sebo k and sascha funke...
Watergate Records
out of stock
13.99 EUR *
cd UK 20.09.11
this album shows chicagos chess records at its height in the 1960s. artists include howlin wolf, bo diddley, etta james, the stereos, the soulful strings, ramsey lewis, eve barnum, & more. 20 tracks packaged in a digipack with a slipcase plus a 40-page booklet with text & original photos.
Soul Jazz Records

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 26.99)
Last Copy!
16.95 EUR *
cd D 29.07.10
mixed by timid boy!
Time Has Changed
out of stock
18.99 EUR *
2xcd NL 30.06.10
lets get the party started!
out of stock
19.99 EUR *
cd UK 04.02.10
after a short hiatus one of the worlds most credible dj led compilation series returns to the forefront with impeccable pedigree as always.the kings of drum + bass is set to rumble bass bins across the world. the innovative 4hero take control of one half of this compilation with a mixture of classic hardcore era drum + bass, to upfront monster jams.
out of stock
19.99 EUR *
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