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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: hardgroove 018
12" UK 03.05.13
part 3 of the disco trix vol 4 mixes featuring the mighty mr g aka colin mcbean on the remix
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12" UK 27.09.18
cadans continues an incredibly strong run of releases with curved, his first drop for ben sims on-point hardgroove imprint. previous output for clone basement series as well as darko essers wolfskuil and balans as well as a collaboration with randomer for tasha s neighbourhood imprint have quickly established cadans (dutchman-in-london, jeroen snik) rep. on curved we re treated to yet more of the rising star s strident and sometimes disorientating rhythms. creep and dank open the ep with blistering purpose - all distorted 909 kicks and and hazy memories of strobes on seething dance floors. the title track kicks off the b-side with an aptly undulating and enjoyably unsettling slant to its main riff while the ep wraps up with chant a brilliantly effective drum-machine and vocal/horn sample workout.
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12" UK 06.09.18
new yorks avision makes his debut on ben sims hardgroove imprint with culture, an ep comprising four memorable and kinetic techno cuts and including an edit from sims himself. having previously cropped up on mark brooms beard man imprint, avision (real name anthony cardinale) has a knack for turning in gritty grooves that draw on earthy, discoid constructs and thats exactly what we have here with culture. from the eponymous opener throughout, staccato stabs characterise and propel the tracks in different ways whether via rolling, almost-there disco loops, gleefully abrasive call and response rhythms or, in the case of sims edit of jux, nifty vocal sample interplay. true to hardgroove form, culture is a release crafted for the dancefloor and delivers with exacting precision.
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12" NL 16.06.11
there is no family like the audio family! goncalo m is a well known man in his country spain. he is ready to conquer the world now and a good platform to set the next step is the audio family!. another exclusive dj tool for fans of labels like basics, patterns, special series, adult and those alike.
Audio Family
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