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2x12" Vinyl UK Pre sale (07.12.2020)
140 gram vinyl double 12inch
Deep Explorer
24.59 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 11.02.19
ltd 7 inch , incl dubbyman rmx
Deep Explorer
out of stock
12.18 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 07.10.16
zarenzeit is a band project by the label owners with lead keyboarder and producer george btp, also known as allstarr motomusic or dan piu. after several live projects back in the 90ies, the band releases its first full album as black inside with vocalist debra jones davis and sarignia bonfà. the lp infuses deep soulful house and 80ies funk elements, starting with the ambient house drift of time travel, which soon settles into a classic rare synth pop as 2souls, 1heart, while let them know they won blasts more into the spacy and light dancefloor. sarignia s lovely gospel version of talk about a child, ends the album on a spare, but no less grooving, note. quality house music not only for adults.
DAS 015
out of stock
10.67 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 24.01.20
grant with a deep double vinyl for lobster theremin.
Lobster Theremin
in stock
25.33 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 24.01.18
before his debut studio full-length, dubbyman racked up a remarkable discography of dance singles and remixes. he has been away for a little while, but his new 10-tracker album is the perfect tool for him to make his anticipated return. -deep is dead- is a fascinating mix of organic and synthetic, past and present, smoothness and eclectic, darkness and brightness. the spanish producer has veered away from those dub-heavy and dark atmospheric deep stylings, and instead has ventured into much classic house and musically territory. almost all songs are soaked in warm chords, dreamy leads and gripping melodies. dubbyman also offers an immense and stunning roster of credits and guest musicians such as kuniyuki takahashi, leo gunn and george btp aka allstarr motomusic, just to mention a few.
Deep Explorer
out of stock
22.41 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl, 140 g UK 05.05.17
after almost two decades, dan pius album self education (moto 003) finally gets the vinyl treatment it deserves: the best tracks extracted from dat tapes, pressed on wax and renamed to living in fear for cartulis music s fourth release. even though the original and incredibly exclusive cd was heard and appreciated in the years around its release in 1999 from djs such as jeff mills and carl craig, it was virtually impossible to own (only 30 copies were made, ever). despite its rarity and status, cartulis choses this masterpiece for one principal reason: the music. an exhibition of an innovative era, of heavy duty machinery (roland juno 60, roland juno 106, roland tr-909 and emu vintage keys, just to name a few) and of fine craftsmanship (using his own samples and playing the keys himself), the album opens your mind and ears to interconnecting styles of ambient atmospheres, electronic-instrumental hip hop, and signature dance-floor killers self education and living in fear. not only for fans of dan piu and his subsequent labels (moto music, deepartsounds, no acting vibes) but for any music aficionado that appreciates a deeply cult classic.
CRTL 004
Cartulis Music
out of stock
23.64 EUR *
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