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12" lp UK 24.08.12
dead capo is a quartet that fluctuates between the classic sounds of jazz, the attitude of rock and the trepidation of surf. all of this seasoned with the cinema sounds of rota or morricone.
it has been 10 years since their debut lp, díscolo (pueblo records, 2002), made waves with the national critics. their new album is once again surprising and the band sounds as fresh as when they started their journey at the end of the 90s. sale (lovemonk, 2012) combines an extraordinary energy with passages of meticulous precision and goes from wild to calm in a way that is both unexpected yet natural. thelonius monk, cartoons, cinematic landscapes, rocks past, africa, surf and the ballad come together in an album as great as it is as unpredictable.
Last Copy!
14.74 EUR *
2x12" UK 08.05.19
the 3rd album from onoe caponoe on limited double vinyl.
High Focus
out of stock
22.92 EUR *
2x12" 04.12.12
an outsider story complete: experimental edged leftfield house & ambient excursions - tip!
Sahko 27
out of stock
15.56 EUR *
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