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12 Inch 06.05.21
originally released in 1984
Reach Out Records
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10.92 EUR *
QUACK (2X12 LP + CD)
2x12 Inch LP + CD 24.04.14
2x12 inch lp in gatefold sleeve, including cd-copy of the album.
a few years ago, a-trak got together with the pioneering house/garage producer armand van helden to form the playful dance duo duck sauce, and they quickly scored a vast international hit with *barbra streisand*. now, nearly four years after that song landed, they are finally ready to release *quack*, their giddy and engaging debut album, which features singles like *radio stereo*, *it s you*, and, yes, *barbra streisand*. the album is not a typical dance album but a whole lot of fun: quack pushes the boundaries of house music and sampling into an absurdly visual listening experience, interwoven with skits, scratching and irresistible loops.
Because Music
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16.34 EUR *
2x12 Inch 02.01.13
last copies left !!
first 500 copies with a2 poster packaged in a gatefold cover!!!! the thunder from thuringia, genosse from gera, mr. minimal samba, the man that goes by many names is here to present to us his very first lp on none other than his solo action vakant home. about 2 years in the making, studio 10 takes mathias kadens life-long work as dj and producer, world wide tours, twenty something years of listening and thinking, machines and people, wraps a bow around it all, and delivers it with roses dipped in chocolate. always taking his time with production, mathias focus on quality over quality continues to pay dividends no matter the state of the economy. unique in many ways, studio 10 was also unique for the producer himself. never before has mathias incorporated into his music so much hardware, field recordings, messages, and invited friends and orchestral musicians to collaborate

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14.74 EUR *
12 Inch 06.12.10
the third and final remix package for mathias kadens masterpiece album -studio 10- comes along with two reworks of mathias vakant label mates onur Özer and dewalta. onur Özers >hâre remix<, a massive, bass driven rework for kadens >chazz<, takes the track to a deeper, more jazzy level, until it fades out with a dreamy yet abstract melody after 11 minutes and counting. david koch aka dewalta takes on >ikenga< (an african god of time, success and achievement), which is surely kadens most played track of the album. david maintains the acidic vibe of the original, adds his very own funk and sends the track back to the dance floor.
Vakant Remix
out of stock
6.13 EUR *
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