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12 Inch 09.04.21
from ambient to techno, s/t 35 duo signs his first release on high ends with a 30 min jam cut in 2 tracks.
High Ends
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12 Inch Pre sale
vinyl only! stunning dub techno inch. knowone remix!
Mouche Records
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12 Inch 29.04.22
new release from the goat!
La Chevre
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12 Inch 16.10.18
for our second release of 2018 ears have eyes are back with the third instalment of our throng of orbs compilation series. this time around we welcome back old friends, and bring in some new names to the ehe fold, with a collection of tracks spanning deep emotive house music, broken beats and acid dancefloor pressure. first up we have contours, who burst onto the scene in 2015 with an excellent release on the mighty rhythm section, and has put out a slew of great records since then. dither takes time to unfold, but when the fluid acid line emerges from the heady percussion he really sets up the track for dancefloor perfection. for the a2 we welcome back chocky to the label, and he serves up a slice of weighty house music that drips quality and emotion. pickle dat kicks off with an absolute beauty of a groove, understated but weighty, and from there chocky goes on to sprinkle just the right amount of seasoning, with soulful rhodes licks and a wonderful bass line. off the back of their excellent 12- on love on the rocks, elles x violet kick off the b side with yrnyb, a tried and tested dancefloor destroyer. when we heard elles playing this in a dark basement in peckham, we just had to sign it. sometimes a kick drum, an acid line and a half heard vocal is all you need. finishing off the release we have dublin artist replete serving up a lovely slice of hazy, percussive house music that slowly builds to a crescendo. an acidic bassline sits nicely over congas and a warm, rounded kick drum.
Ears Have Eyes
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12 Inch 02.07.07
brill deep minimal detroit techno (dub) a la hardwax / basic channel... b2 track >minus< is actually a re-release from the 1998 >ll001< single, long out of print. since there was a steady (nearly monthly) request to make this track available again, it has been remastered and included to match the other tracks on this single. the aim of this release is to prove that a certain approach to composing and sequencing with particular sound can end in a timeless production. at the end of this process it should be standing against the times, playable in 1989, 1997, 2007 or still in 2020. individual production methods or media stay behind, as the artistic vision of shaping and mastering the sound come thru. already playing on heavy rotation in berlins clubs by local djs who got whitelabels or cdrs, this 12inch will once more become a classic to people who dont look for hype or trendy fashion but lasting sound quality.
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12 Inch 30.11.05
***bomb alert*** ok cosmo vitelli ‘s back, full on the electro techno vibe, cosmo hits these pages & the charts with a top notched electro sound full of personality, quite danceable at the same time.yep, this guy is really vitalised, delivering the perfect sounding of the moment, creating a real new universe, that will sure put the fire on the news electro scenes…yep, this is as good as this description
Im a Cliche
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12 Inch 04.07.14
holdie gawn & micawber are back with sylphe06: once again working around their usual split format. holdie gawns * moon ride* is a haunting, melancholic trip in a deep mood, that stretches slowly and steadily over 12 minutes in a journey of enchanted synths and micro-grooves. over to the b side we have * vattum* by micawber, a solid, stopming techo affair with a large, deep bassline & kikcdrum, resonating and pulsating slowly. on top crispy rides, hats & glitches accompany the groove slowly, making this ep a fine comdination between two very different yet effective tracks for the mind and the dancefloor.
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12 Inch 16.06.08
next killer for fans of villalobos & luciano
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