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12" Vinyl full cover D 08.08.18
part one of the eclipser chaser double edition! fullcover edition / vinyl only! wow, eclipser celebrates his 10th release with a lovely mixture of house and music to make holes in your shoes.
Eclipser Chaser
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12" Vinyl D 08.08.18
like always two very well known edits finally on vinyl! remastered for best dancefloor satisfaction! vinyl only!
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12" Vinyl UK 08.08.18
deadboy returns to uttu with arguably some of his best productions to date. 6 nu-age-hippie-houz jams.
Unknown To The Unknown
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2x12" Vinyl D 08.08.18
zur feier des 15-jährigen jubliäums der veröffentlichung von dannii minogues »neon lights« erscheint das album nun erstmalig auf vinyl! zusätzlich enthält das 2lp package seltene bonustracks und remixe von jason nevins, amighty und tiga sowie die gefeierten mash up remixe »don’t wanna lose this groove« (aus »don’t wanna lose this feeling« und »into the groove« von madonna) und »begin to spin me round« (aus dead or alives »you spin me round« und »i begin to wonder«). also eine empfehlung für alle fans! dannii minogue selbst sagt dazu nur: »please turn the volume up loud enough to annoy your neighbours!« dem doppel-vinyl liegt ein downloadcode bei.
London Music Stream
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2x12" Vinyl (180g) D 08.08.18
waehlscheibe from switzerland has thought of something really special to celebrate release #10 and has created a double vinyl compilation that assembles many of the label s regulars together with a few fresh faces. the prevailing sound between deep and dubby techno and dub house refects the label s long-time dedication to this particular version of electronic music. thus waehlscheibe has established itself as more than an insider s tip for those who cherish grounded quality and timeless sounds. from the dub techno sounds of novio dub tribe, patrizio gabrielli and s&ro via sophisticated dub house from mend, anton kubikov and alessandro crimi to the housey afairs of a.s.cudia and drei farben house the compilation x showcases a fne variety of contemporary house and techno with subtle twists and quite a few sonic surprises.
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12" Vinyl one sided D 08.08.18
ultraphat groovin melodic monster tune, ltd edition & one sided ... fullcover artwork
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the drip ep brings together four distinctive producers and one set of sounds - the drips. the result is a compilation of 4 tracks that bring the swing and sampling of some of accidental jnr’s finest to produce a soaking wet dancefloor. first up is label boss matthew herbert with a trademark groove that harks back to his wishmountain moniker albeit found lurking in the swamp. cosmo sheldrake takes a slight departure from his usual multi-instrumentaling live-looping avant-folk to deliver a track that could only be described as travelling circus aqua-techno. bahraini born, french / us bred and now edinburgh dwelling video game builder, sound designer and sometime scottish league football referee yann seznec opens the b-side with an absolute stormer of a rain drenched club hook. sussex based producer crewdson and builder of such electronic instruments as the eggiophone and concertronica closes proceedings with a drizzling evolving 2-step number.
Accidental Jnr
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12" Vinyl UK 08.08.18
south london label and party series troy town is proud to present the first release in 3 years from warren brown aka wbeeza, insanely talented south london producer and 1st generation pioneer of what has become affectionately known in dance music as the peckham sound . djs, producers and musicians such as henry wu, bradley zero and chaos in the cbd have added to the wealth of a deeply musical community but it was the likes of brown and another se15 local, el-prevost, who first put the area on the dance music map. although he s resistant to using the word house too often about his music, the swing nods to detroit and chicago while the links to friends and collaborators, delano smith, mike agent x clark and scott grooves are clear. progressing through a musical heritage that has seen him produce across grime, hip-hop, drum n bass and techno but it s his signature low slung, heavy-on-groove and atmosphere productions that have garnered the respect of peers and critics whilst his popular and energetic live sets have seen him tour extensively around the world for the past 8 years. this 3-track ep covers a variety of moods and situations. opening with the od, a heady march to peak time on the dancefloor which has featured heavily in live sets over the last 2 years. the bassline bubbles tantalisingly as it edges through a kinetic, digital riff that sticks with you long after the lights go up. grove park is so low slung that the snare sounds like it might fall out of sync at any moment while the lead synth leads you on a drunk walk home, at times holding it s line before stumbling over a pitch bend and veering to find its balance. bizzle boogie is equal parts gritty, midwest-influenced bounce track and shimmering eyes closed rave moments.
Troy Town
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12" Vinyl UK 08.08.18
support from: ben ufo (hessle), oli_n (phonica), ander b (robsoul), eltron john (uncanny valley), simon caldwell (fbi radio), herzel (hivern disc), nori (posivision), sascha funke, nathan g, dmitry (neo violence) acid influenced many of us. in fact, for a huge proportion of us, acid kicked off this sweaty, painful, yet incredibly fulfilling journey. the 2 originals by dircsen utilize the 303 in different ways - the opener ‘beyond collapsing silence’ sounds like an instant acid house classic with its energetic drums & dreamy atmosphere, whilst ‘depth scan’ slows it down, focusing more on hypnosis. rounding off the 3-track ep is an idiosyncratic remix of ‘depth scan’ by l.i.e.s. legend, florian kupfer. a dubbed out original gets well and truly saturated.
Beef Records
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