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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: matthew herbert - cosmo sheldrake - yann seznec - crewdson
the drip ep brings together four distinctive producers and one set of sounds - the drips. the result is a compilation of 4 tracks that bring the swing and sampling of some of accidental jnr’s finest to produce a soaking wet dancefloor. first up is label boss matthew herbert with a trademark groove that harks back to his wishmountain moniker albeit found lurking in the swamp. cosmo sheldrake takes a slight departure from his usual multi-instrumentaling live-looping avant-folk to deliver a track that could only be described as travelling circus aqua-techno. bahraini born. french / us bred and now edinburgh dwelling video game builder. sound designer and sometime scottish league football referee yann seznec opens the b-side with an absolute stormer of a rain drenched club hook. sussex based producer crewdson and builder of such electronic instruments as the eggiophone and concertronica closes proceedings with a drizzling evolving 2-step number.
Accidental Jnr
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