Wbeeza - THE OD



12" Vinyl UK

Troy Town / TT001

Front View : Wbeeza - THE OD - Troy Town / TT001
Back View : Wbeeza - THE OD - Troy Town / TT001

South London label and party series Troy Town is proud to present the first release in 3 years from Warren Brown aka Wbeeza, insanely talented South London producer and 1st generation pioneer of what has become affectionately known in dance music as the Peckham Sound . DJs, producers and musicians such as Henry Wu, Bradley Zero and Chaos in the CBD have added to the wealth of a deeply musical community but it was the likes of Brown and another SE15 local, El-Prevost, who first put the area on the dance music map. Although he s resistant to using the word House too often about his music, the swing nods to Detroit and Chicago while the links to friends and collaborators, Delano Smith, Mike Agent X Clark and Scott Grooves are clear. Progressing through a musical heritage that has seen him produce across grime, hip-hop, drum n bass and techno but it s his signature low slung, heavy-on-groove and atmosphere productions that have garnered the respect of peers and critics whilst his popular and energetic live sets have seen him tour extensively around the world for the past 8 years. This 3-track EP covers a variety of moods and situations. Opening with The OD, a heady march to peak time on the dancefloor which has featured heavily in live sets over the last 2 years. The bassline bubbles tantalisingly as it edges through a kinetic, digital riff that sticks with you long after the lights go up. Grove Park is so low slung that the snare sounds like it might fall out of sync at any moment while the lead synth leads you on a drunk walk home, at times holding it s line before stumbling over a pitch bend and veering to find its balance. Bizzle Boogie is equal parts gritty, Midwest-influenced bounce track and shimmering eyes closed rave moments.

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