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12" Vinyl IT 05.05.17
following rhythm büro’s debut release last year, the kiev-based label has returned with a successive rb002. in a similar vein to their first release, this release features vero and na nich as well as a welcome addition from an up-and-coming ukrainian producer, lobanov k. a2 finds a remix from the notable and much-applauded dj’s dj, eric cloutier. sonically, the record ranges from deeper, housey motifs and dubbed-out techno ventures on the a-side to electro-esque and slightly weirder break-beat expositions on the b-side.
Rhythm Buero
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12" Vinyl NL 02.03.18
up next from the rhythm büro label is an ep from cyspe, who might be better known as robin koek or for being one half of the almighty dutch techno duo artefakt. rb003 marks a special occasion for the label in releasing a full ep from a single artist. “after this world” seems to proceed forward fittingly on the same path once paved by cyspe’s debut record “amnesia”, released on koek’s own label, insula, in 2014.
Rhythm Buero
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12" Vinyl IT 28.09.16
rhythm büro is a new record label based out of kiev, ukraine started by dj and promoter igor glushko. the büro first began as a local party series organised by igor, alexander pavlenko (aka na nich, widely known in the drum’n’bass world as sunchase) and vera logdanidi (aka vero). since the party’s beginning in march 2015, rhythm büro has hosted such greats as zadig, abdulla rashim, etapp kyle, eric cloutier, woo york, artefakt, acronym, steve bicknell and actress all at different non-club warehouse-like locations around kiev. a peculiar aspect of the rhythm büro team’s objective has been to maintain secrecy about the exact location of the party until a day prior to the event, when ticket buyers are then informed about the location via text message or email. the label was started to be the logical and progressive extension to what rhythm büro has established itself to be locally: one of ukraine’s prominent techno initiatives. for the first release of the label, na nich and vero have contributed two joint-produced tracks that are to become their first publicly available material under their current aliases. while a1 leans itself to the soundscape that is more or less typical for rhythm büro parties: trippy, hypnotic and transportive techno, a2 hits the floor with refreshing zeal, bringing an electro-esque break-beat under deep and emotive synth layers. the b side contains two remixes of the title track, one of which is thoroughly tailored by the dutch-born-berlin-based-duo, artefakt (mostly known for their releases on delsin, prologue and field) as well as a strong and heady remix by semantica records’ mastermind, svreca.
Rhythm Buero
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