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12" Vinyl D 19.05.20
180g vinyl - full color sleeve , + download code
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 03.05.19
limitiertes weisses vinyl inklusive a2 poster, sticker und downloadcode! artwork und design von kevin mccaughey.
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MVX / U41A
12" Vinyl UK 01.06.18
those who preordered, do not have to do so again - we will contact you when we have stock! recorded in the autumn of 2017 at their studio in vancouvers deep blue, mvx / u41a is the first new music from minimal violence to be released on ninja tunes technicolor imprint and the first to be recorded outside their usual home production space. the result is a record that intends to reduce pop music to its emotive qualities and apply that abstract nostalgia back into dance tracks. their penchant for the heavier and more aggressive side of dance music is most evident in its infiltration of the duoís often raw and disorientating live set. formed in 2015 the duo, consisting of ashlee luk and lida p, have a string of releases to date with labels such as lobster theremin, 1080p and jungle gym records. drawing on luks years of experience playing in punk bands, they combine hardware sequencers, drum machines and synths, to weave together acid tinged compositions that derive inspiration from early electronic and minimal synth through to heavier uk rave and hardcore.
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cassette / tape UK 20.10.17
lobster thereminís tape series launches with a super special live recording cassette from minimal violence. a roaring, scorched acid live set recorded at east londonís the pickle factory on their s/s 2017 tour of europe.
liquidic acid envelopes blistering drum patterns with analogue instruments bleeding together in a mass of frenetic energy. considered live elements crushed and launched in the most brutal of fashions.
Lobster Theremin
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12" Vinyl UK 06.07.17
with the big smoke hitting near 40°c heat and the office stock melting away, lobster theremin go in for a scorched-earth techno summer with another drum-roasted, rave-heavy ep this time from hard-hitting vancouver duo minimal violence aka lida p and ashlee luk.
having built a reputation for drum-heavy, blown-out & acidic hardware live sets - and with insanely strong eps for 1080p, jungle gym and first second label already in the bag - their entry point to the lobster label family is a bumper one with five tracks that span doom-laden acid, staggered uk rave and emotive club jungle. this record in particular captures their intense and irrepressible live energy, whilst riffing heavily on more classic club tropes than their previous output.
Lobster Theremin
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12" Vinyl UK 17.02.17
jungle gym records presents ďrapids: the 2015 sessionsĒ, the official label debut of vancouverís minimal violence. following a string of hard-hitting vinyl releases for first second label and 1080p, minimal violence expand their fiercely independent strain of live and improvised techno into more romantic territory. as we experience the power of the rapids for ourselves, the confidence we once felt in youth and beauty fades, hopeless in the face of nature. an event both tragic and glamorous, jg04 narrates the existential coming of age, a beautiful realisation that nothing lasts forever.
Jungle Gym Records
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12" Vinyl UK 14.11.16
impulsive and intuitive hardware house & techno from vancouver duo minimal violence aka ashlee luk & lida p. the five tracks on night gym soundtrack urban landscapes, textured synths, heavy kicks, and dense polyrhythms come together to form the duo s own brand of outsider house. citing influence from both minimal synth and chicago house, night gym arrives hot off the heels of the duo s self titled ep on dublin based first second label which closely examined the intersections that lay between punk and techno. recorded in february/march 2016 in the duo s home studio, the instinctual nature of live work flow plays an important role in the duo s creative process. utilizing hardware (sh-101, tr-606/505/707, waldorf blofeld, juno-60, dx-21, mpc1000) in addition to sourced samples with final compositions compiled and manipulated in ableton, night gym is an example of the duo s diverse interests and collaborative nature. the duo recruited visual support from chicago based graphic designer kevin mccaughey of nonporous for the distinct imagery of night gym. as well he designed the poster that comes in the 12- and screen printed a limited run of long sleeve t-shirts available through boot boys biz.
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12" Vinyl UK 12.07.16
first second label is proud to present its second and forthcoming 12Ē from canadian duo minimal violence. four rowdy house and techno excursions that move from rolling synth melancholia to full blown, tape saturated work outs. rough around the edges and ready to tear holes in anything that crosses itís path.
First Second Label
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cd D 03.05.19
standard cd im popset-sleeve mit poster und sticker. artwork und design von kevin mccaughey.
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12" Vinyl UK 09.10.17
play !t loud turn sinister with a ruff and tough various artist compilation forged from the depths of the techno underbelly. the first in the series of p!lís new black series, these comps contain certified techno firepower - a bilateral flip of play !t loudís white series.
the newly created aussie power couple that make up hot wavs (sonderr & will rigney) kick things off, committing their first recording to wax after setting techno dungeons worldwide alight with their live show. analogue, modular freak from the deep south of poland, hengsle closes the a. canadian analogue team minimal violence and budapestís s. olbricht team up for thunder duties on the b.
guaranteed fire for any dj bag, presented in four parts, right here.
Play !t Loud
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