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12" Vinyl NL 02.03.18
we’re glad to present you a new release on mulen by premiesku.
vinyl only. 180 gram.
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12" Vinyl FR 10.10.17
six years after their debut release on all inn, premiesku is back to the label with a brand new three tracker. last man on moon brings the usual winner formula of the trio. the proper hypnosis of drum machines, featherweight spacey themes with a pinch of classical house flavour on the top. a must have record for all periods of the weekend.
All Inn
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12" Vinyl+mp3 D 03.07.17
consistency and a diverse but functional aesthetic have kept berlin based record label vakant ahead of most imprints operating in the same space. having released records since 2004 they have focused on working with only a select number of artists as they believe this is the only way to endure in a scene which is susceptible to trends, with premiesku being part of the family as well as the likes of dewalta and avatism. having already released a highly successful ep on the label in 2014, and more recently being a part of the labels latest anniversary compilation, 10 years vakant, the romanian trio return with a driving four track ep. this ep features catchy melodies, vivid emotion and driving, floor-focussed percussion, which consists of three original tracks as well as the ever-dependable varhat stepping up on remix duties. one of frances most exciting exports, varhat has already released a string of impressive records on labels such as mulen and howl. his interpretation of cu balans brings a signature sound which portrays a lighter more bouncy feel to the track. premiesku which consists of livio & roby and george g are a romanian joint alias that have been releasing and performing together for over nine years. their widespread influence on the flourishing underground scene is no secret, their innovative live performances, and constant flow of cutting edge productions remain one of their nation s leading lights in the field.
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12" Vinyl UK 16.05.17
following on from their exceptional jojoman release in 2015, the romanian trio premiesku strike gold again on ralph lawsons highly respected 20/20 vision imprint.&#8232,,,the 20/20 vision label has been pumping out quality music for over two decades, and is one of the uk s defining independent dance labels. the focus over the years has always been on quality and that approach is one that has paid off with this ep being no exception. &#8232,,,&#8232,,,the new floor shaking ep ‘in sfera’ is a tight package of dance floor groovers that will be sure to kick any night into 5th gear. every track has its own unique flavour that compliment each other flawlessly, with fuse boss enzo siragusa concluding the collection with a remix of the title track. a champion of all things deep, minimal, and stripped back, enzo has evolved his unique sound that is showcased in the final number.&#8232,,,&#8232,,,the trio pride themselves on pushing the boundaries of electronic live music performance, both technically and sonically and have already tasted success on influential labels such as apollonia, all inn records, vakant, pressure traxx and djebali to name a few. &#8232,,,&#8232,,,they take their custom made analogue hardware all over the globe, including world renowned festivals like lovelands, sunwaves and modernity as well as top clubs including amnesia ibiza, rex paris and stereo montreal. most recently the guys were back spinning at the legendary fabric london, you can check out their preparations and technical set up ahead of the show here.&#8232,,,&#8232,,,it was clear that after premiesku took number 21 in resident advisors top 40 live acts that 2016 really increased their impact in the underground scene and now they have firmly established themselves as one of the world’s most sought after groups, with the latest ep once again seeing them utilise their expertly crafted and infectiously percussive productions.
2020 Vision
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12" Vinyl D 25.01.16
loco dices desolat kicks off 2016 with a brilliant new ep from romanian trio premiesku aka long term friends livio, roby and george g. they have close associations with the label and have done for years, and after their great debut album indirect in 2012, are now a very real force in the dance world.
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12" Vinyl FR 06.01.16
vinyl only - premiesku (aka livio & roby & george g) on a original + a djebali remix
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12" Vinyl D 10.11.15
very limited 2015 repress! supported by: luciano, loco dice, raresh, tania vulcano, nick curly, reboot, sebo k, valentino kanzyani, laurent garnier, matthias tanzmann, ben watt, jimpster, federico molinari, ray okpara, martinez, frank roger, varoslav, okain, kiki, anthony collins.. all inn records look to kick-start 2011 on full throttle, and return to their homeland, for a label debut from, premiesku aka. livio & roby vs george g. the premiesku project was launched with releases for desolat and cecille, and it gives all inn records great pleasure to join those labels, with todays stunning three track ep. a collection that perfectly portrays their music vision. lead track >hooman< matches precise house beats, with a contrasting and cascading waterfall of twinkling keys. >virgula doi< takes us deeper. with its electronic bassline, and smooth stabs, it gives off some real >west coast< swing. rounding out the ep is >patru<. a wonderfully cinematic piece, with lalo schifrin-esque cymbal work, hammond stabs and wandering key melody, it is the pièce de résistance!
All Inn Records
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12" Vinyl D 07.07.15
third va10y vinyl release with 4 new jams.
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12" Vinyl UK 05.05.15
in the wake of a truly stellar 2014, premiesku (livio & roby plus good friend george g) is still 3 men on a mechanical mission. in 2014, as well as travelling the globe to show their skills on their self made machines, they quickly had a huge impact on not only the romanian scene, where they hail from, but also the worldwide electronic scene. their expertly crafted, percussive club weapons have become something of a trademark for the boys and their debut ep for 20/20 vision once again sees them utilise their production arsenal.
2020 Vision
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12" Vinyl D 09.12.14
the romanian trio premiesku, who comprise of livio, roby and george g, return this december with the aproape ep, their fourth outing on desolat. those that were there at the beginning of the journey will recognize that premieskus approach remains the same as ever - playful organic experimentation, sometimes groovy, sometimes hypnotic, resulting in eclectic analogue sounds of the finest calibre. the apropape ep is a unique package containing four-vinyl only tracks. buyers will then receive a download code to unlock the additional four tracks. as ever, three perspectives, no rush, no rules, just love for the music.
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12" Vinyl FR 29.10.14
next hypnotic groovin tech monster, romanian style
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12" Vinyl D 29.07.14
hot vakant ep by premiesku and remixes from avatism and sons of tiki! tip!
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12" Vinyl D 22.05.12
premiesku, a project from romanian duo livio & roby in collaboration with their pal george g, pays tribute to analogue sources and vintage devices - for them its all about touching knobs and faders, modulating oscillators, building their own consoles, interacting with their gear and taking time to experiment. not for nostalgia, but for the love of organic grooves, spiritedness of sounds and a serious portion of soul in their music.
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 25.05.09
desolat is proud to announce that desolat x series goes on with livio & roby pres. premiesku, a project from romanian duo livio & roby, in collaboration with their pal george g. solid, swinging four to the floor patterns take inspiration from classic deep house, detroit techno and tech house. switched up and deconstructed, the result is a hypnotic brew that will see them representing desolat for the first time at cocoon at amnesia this year alongside loco dice and martin buttrich. on this release youll hear snippets of a surreal and breathy flute over top of a thudding kick and a bumping bass-line, or fleeting samples of reed pipe, vocals, ragtime piano or brass dancing on top of technotic, simmering loops
Desolat X
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cd D 24.09.12
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2x12" Vinyl D 30.11.09
timeless dancefloor fire gets a timely seasonal release on this exclusive double 12 inch pack. its the first compilation of artists from the desolat family - and its a manifesto of sorts, showcasing the different facets of the desolat sound. these artists, in their own ways, unpack multiple meanings of house & techno to create unique tangents. munichs tini steps out with her debut release: a staggered, raw dance track representative of her electrifying, wired-up dj sets. its the first solo outing on desolat for studio guru martin buttrich: his sensitive manipulation of delicate sonic quicksand underpinned with an insistent beat. argentine muso guti drops his second release on desolat, contributing chipped down spatial melodies following his first 2x12inch on the label, las cosas que no se tocan. loco dice brings his hip hop roots via heavyweight bassline and disembodied groove to truly shake up the house and overturn expectations. shimmering swing is the thing for romanian duo livio & roby featuring george g as premiesku, enunciating their very own definition of dance. lastly, desolats african-italian man yaya develops his sound further - displaying his musical upbringing with a punchy effusive get-up-and-dance vibe. its a fine way to end the year - six glimmering tracks wrapped up on desolats very special 10th release!
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