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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: livio & robby pres. premiesku
coloured 12" Vinyl D 25.05.09
desolat is proud to announce that desolat x series goes on with livio & roby pres. premiesku, a project from romanian duo livio & roby, in collaboration with their pal george g. solid, swinging four to the floor patterns take inspiration from classic deep house, detroit techno and tech house. switched up and deconstructed, the result is a hypnotic brew that will see them representing desolat for the first time at cocoon at amnesia this year alongside loco dice and martin buttrich. on this release youll hear snippets of a surreal and breathy flute over top of a thudding kick and a bumping bass-line, or fleeting samples of reed pipe, vocals, ragtime piano or brass dancing on top of technotic, simmering loops
Desolat X
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