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12" Vinyl UK 19.03.18
a song dedicated to his wife and their marriage. the song contains so much captured emotions. from shimmering synths and old school orchestra hits to a solid walking bass line that solidifies the love for the dance floor. on the dub mix, santiago stripped the track down for a big sound system leaving a heavy bass line and strings throughout the track. esteban adame presents guaguanco. i wrote this track while playing with g2g and mike banks was always pushing us to electrify your roots. though my family is not cuban, cuban music has been a huge part of my musical development as a musician. the track uses traditional cuban rumba rhythms (guaguanco) to trigger synths and percussion samples alike to create a dense polyrhythmic cushion for the track to sit on.
SUB 042
Subject Detroit US
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2x12" Vinyl UK 05.12.17
legendary los hermanos member santiago salazar’s album ‘aspirations for young xol’ is given a vinyl release courtesy of rekids. a heartfelt dedication to his son isaias, ‘aspirations for young xol’ takes us through the life of a pillar in the electronic music community - santiago salazar. from his formative years spent in california to his connection with detroit and the passing of a childhood friend, the long-player’s tracks signpost the musician’s significant experiences, both positive and negative. this meaningful body of work was released digitally on pastel voids and now rekids release the album on wax. ‘saturated fear’ sets a deep tone for the lp, flanging melodies and echoing claps float through the composition before the album’s title track ‘aspirations for young xol’ offers haunting arpeggios with occasional acidic overtones which are cleverly offset by beautifully designed lead synth transitions. ‘bloodlines’ follows a similar musical vein with delayed bass riffs that are suspended above shimmering hihats and a weighted kick. santiago provides three beatless pieces throughout, which digress into more emotional territory whilst offering brief respite from his heavier drum work. ‘xol’s pain’ combines orchestral strings and swelling synthesisers which build tension with a subtly complex, evolving motif. both ‘dark matter’ and ‘ode to stinson’ use arresting atmospheres, warped arpeggios and ethereal pads which lull the listener into a retrospective mood. an intensity builds in the later tracks, a gritty but powerful low end provides a solid foundation in ‘orange blossom thump”, eventually making way for a hectic and elastic lead synth before ‘pachuco dub’ displays drones that build a dissonant pressure in which the complex tom rhythms and rolling hi hats can grow. ‘sarah rivera’ hypnotises with its delectable chord progressions and complimentary melodies which seem to float above a rigid drum composition to close the album with style
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2x12" Vinyl lp US 23.09.15
as it’s first full length release, love what you feel is proud to present chicanismo, the debut album by santiago salazar. known for his work with underground resistance, ican productions, as well as solo releases on many notable labels, santiago brings his working man’s house and techno into the world in its most pure form on this album. his use of a variety of rhythms and beautiful melodies puts him in the upper echelon of dance music producers today, and the results here are just as satisfying at home as they are in on the dancefloor.
Love What You Feel
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12" Vinyl D 14.03.14
for its re-launch finest blend turns to santiago salazar with three tracks of his characteristic house / techno sound. santiago salazar, otherwise known as dj s2
Finest Blend Recordings
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12" Vinyl ES 27.02.14
here it is, our new release comes from the far west coast of the usa, from a total american,a blend of the north and south continents, the scfi xicano: santiago salazar. he is a long running veteran, ambassador of the deepest techno, founder and president of thehistoria & violencia imprint, sandwell district cooperator. if you are into techno, this guy needs no introduction. for his debut in our label, santiago provides four pieces of soulful electronic music suitable for mind or body dancing, slow tempos, vintage drums, resonant pads and heavy synth workout.
Fanzine Records
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12" Vinyl US 25.09.13
major people is a new label from santiago salazar. the debut track *new beginnings* is more of a theme song for salazar as he introduces the major people label. modulating synthes can be heard throughout the track and the catchy bassline will warm any dance floor.
*technik* is a slice of sleek, contemplative techno that is far out on a late-night tip, leaving only a bouncing bassline and skipping tech-house beat to hold down the groove amongst the tune’s more ethereal sounds. on the remix, chicagos defend:r (ricardo mirandas alter-ego) takes apart the original to form a hybrid electro style remix laced with sub bass grooves and just the right amount of synths to take it to the next level.
this is the beginning of much more to come from major people.
Major People
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12" Vinyl US 23.01.13
ur dj, ican co-founder goes deep after releasing a slew of tracks on historia y violencia, seventh sign, & rush hour in recent years. lush moods with lots of strings & pads on this 3 tracker.
Finale Sessions
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12" Vinyl US 05.10.12
2 slamming tracks by label heads silent servant and santiago salazar with that classic historia y violencia formula! side a >mi alma< is a throbbing beast of a track with silent servants signature feedback sound underlying it all. while the drums pulsate along the track, the main synth modulates throughout working the dance floor to a techno frenzy. side b >corazon< is the perfect contrast! taking notes from the 313, salazar builds this track with vibes and strings to a uplifting detroit vibe that is his signature sound.
Historia y Violencia
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12" Vinyl NL 15.09.11
in following up marcellus pittmans killer eastside story, seventh sign waste no time in bringing another red-hot act to the label. a member of the legendary underground resistance / los hermanos / galaxy 2 galaxy crew, santiago salazar has also enjoyed success as a member of the trinity (with mad mike banks and gerald mitchell) and more recently as ican, not to mention his many solo outings. his pedigree is unquestionable, a fact not lost on the many labels that have played host to his music, including submerge, planet e, motech and now seventh sign. santiagos sound is full of soul and warmth and is presented using state of the art production and a rich palette of modern sounds, as this e.p. demonstrates to devastating effect... hot!
Seventh Sign
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12" Vinyl UK 26.04.11
los angeles legend david alvarado makes a special appearance on h&v ! salazar pays homage to carl craigs uber-classic >at les< ! hand stamped / custom embossed sleeve design. we are proud to present los angeles legend david alvarado making a special appearance on h&v. david has always been a big inspiration for us - a classic dj/producer and artist of the highest degree. this release sees both santiago salazar and david alvarado forge instant classics that transcend time and trend...
Historia Y Violencia
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12" Vinyl UK 02.03.11
two tracks from local l.a. artists / djs santiago salazar and roque (subversive) hernandez that showcase the fundamental aesthetic of the modern classic. a side, izalco, is a deep composition that contrasts the classic sounds of chicago, new york and berlin but reinterpreted to represent the sound of the here and now. b side, retiro, is a brilliant, epic piece that brings to mind the l.a. coastline and its endless horizon -- beauty at its finest.
Historia Y Violencia
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12" Vinyl UK 15.02.10
detroit legend aaron carls wallshaker label kicks off 2010 with this from santiago salazar aka djs2 of underground resistance fame
Wallshaker Music
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12" Vinyl UK 05.02.10
fresh 2010 repress !! historia y violencia is a new project exploring the hispanic roots of santiago salazar (dj s2) and j. mendez (silent servant). both producers dissect their latin upbringings as a cinematic theme to create snapshots of the day-to-day blood and sweat that has shaped them as individuals. the sound takes cue from detroit, berlin and chicago to create classic, deep dancefloor tracks. santiago salazar started djing in the early 90s inspired by mix tapes his brother was bringing back from the gay underground scene in los angeles. his style has always been a mixture of house and techno. after moving to detroit, santiago began his music training with mike banks, label founder of underground resistance. he is also half of the duo ican (ican productions / planet e) who have been responsible for some killer techno releases. the central american born j. mendez cut his teeth as jasper in the late 90s/early 2000s, running the california-based cytrax label. a veteran dj from the age of 16, he has performed worldwide in clubs from berlin to osaka. along with technical wizards kit clayton and sutekh, he helped shed light on the small but influential minimal techno scene on the west coast. a chance meeting with karl oconnor in 1999 established a friendship that would later open the door to the sandwell district label in 2006. silent servants sound is a reinterpretation of early 80s post-punk electronics, paired with the deep, metallic sounds of basic channel and downwards.
Historia Y Violencia
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12" Vinyl UK 05.02.10
fresh 2010 repress !! two more deep but slamming techno cuts from this enigmatic duo. silent servant has definitely been picking up the pace of late, his recent release on techno-label-of-the-moment sandwell district showed a definite progression both in terms of style & >hardness<, and here >la noche < - a throbbing beast of a track - continues that progression. santiago salazar, fresh from a superb release on macromedia, pulls more atmospheric tricks out of the bag, but doesn t forget the dancefloor. cool shit, no doubt!
Historia Y Violencia
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12" Vinyl D 04.05.09
santiago salazar, ladies and gentlemen! member of underground resistance, producer of los hermanos, recording artist for planet e. a biography made in heaven. macro pulls the most incredible people these days and theres a method to the madness: >arcade< immediately shows why santiago is known to be one of detroits most forward thinking producers and djs. the chords! the hook! the synths! the drums! finally an anthem thats 0% retro and 100% euphoria. leaving the recent fashions behind, >arcade< spreads all the warmth and enthusiasm one could dream of this year. this is 2009! and if this wasnt enough: hot on the heels of >art of sorrow<, man of the moment stefan goldmann does his first remix for macro! his stunning version is a 15 minute monster. not just a jam, but a fully composed journey from deep reverberation to drum machine fueled peaks to a japanese flute and koto workout. depth on a new level. this is the difference this label makes - others do ambient, cosmic or krautrock. macro does the thrilling stuff.
Macro Recordings
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12" Vinyl NL 07.05.08
santiago salazar aka dj s2 is better know as one half of ican. he has also been part of ur production units los hermanos and galaxy ii galaxy. he has also recorded as aztech sol. with this materia oscura he has delivered a release that >techno detroit< can be proud of. two deep, building techno tracks, in which you can easily hear his heritage. for fans of carl craig, ur etc. this is part 8 of 12 in this series.
Rush Hour Recordings
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12" Vinyl D Pre sale
jts005 bursts in delivering two timeless productions by santiago salazar, both cleverly reinvented by dahraxt, a new mannella s project. the whole ep is the result of inventiveness musically merging and melodies into a wonderful tapestry of sound.
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12" Vinyl D 10.04.17
incl orklando voorn & santiago salazar remix
Detroit Classic Gallery
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12" Vinyl UK 20.07.15
opilec music is back with another excellent project, this time from acclaimed label boss i-robots with help from the uk s mike anderson of kms and chiwax association plus demented machine from opilec music.
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12" Vinyl colored D 06.06.14
vinyl only! limited to 300 pieces handstemped, handnumbered and transparent blue vinyl. the four seasons volume 5 again 4 bangers, 4 visions of dance music.
Got2Go Records
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12" Vinyl US 04.04.11
modularz is a label focused on re-inventing american techno and concentrating mostly on the grey area where bothtechno & house music have no separation. the fusion between new elements mixed with older influences have a strong identity with label and by incorporating these subjects as well as the obsession with all things modular its given the label a niche identity among the techno and international dance community. modularz 03 _ entrada ep a strong 4 track release that features 2 original floor driving tracks by developer & a mental banger from silent servant. included on the release is a track by truncate - contrast 2 which was completely reworked and manipulated by santiago salazar.
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