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12" Vinyl BE 23.11.16
silver city is a live act and dj duo composed by fernando pulichino and julian sanza, from argentina. shadow ep by silver city is going to be the second release on the japan catune imprint.
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12" Vinyl BE 04.02.15
fernandos solo work, as day outside, was recently comped by bill brewster, and right now he has simultaneous releases on leng, cynic and international feel. hes also in silver city with julian sanza exclusive japan import.
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12" Vinyl D 10.10.13
sc001, titled *streets are like*, is the first installment on new born label scandalo music, launched as a platform to bring brazils very own musical footprint mixed with collaborations with international artists and pioneer producers. the limited edition 12 inch offers up an original nu-disco gem reminiscent of early lcd soundsytem along with a collection of outstanding remixes showcasing the originals funky bassline, captivating vocal and live disco feel that so many tracks fail to achieve. prepare to be served warm crunching guitars, floating soundscapes and latino percussion blended, filtered and delivered sunny side up.
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12" Vinyl BE 22.05.08
the polytechnics ep is the second release on df by silver city following the superb dubby ep from 2006. on the a side, the title track polytechnics has electrofunk vibes blending perfectly with new wave sensibilities. think greg wilson mixing up gary numan and you wont be far off. it rocks! and on the flip, nu disco don pete herbert (reverso 68/lsb) cuts up pendulo a heavily arrpegiated disco stormer and transforms it into yet another disco bomb. this was an edit that pete knocked together for his own dj sets and we loved it so much we just had to put it on the vinyl. last, but in no way least, is victoria jam which is a no nonsense heads down groover of a track that will get your dancefloors rocking. seriously good music. enjoy! plays by: ashley beedle, llorca, fabrice lig, electric press, reverso 68, munk, murray richardson, ajello, dubious...
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12" Vinyl UK 09.12.05
hailing from argentina silver city have travelled the world in the pursuit of their love of music. following a period spent in paris they relocated to leeds and hooked up with ralph lawson forming the 2020 sound system whose music and live performances have catapulted both them and the label 2020 vision to the fore front of the current dance scene.. key dj support: ralph lawson, soul mekanik, fabrice lig, jimpster, inland knights, dj t, lindstrom
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12" Vinyl UK 30.08.05
another superb remix package from 2020 and silver city. norwegian disco kings lindstrom & prins thomas follow ewan pearson and spirit catcher and provide two wicked remixes in a cosmic, balearic disco house style. they have stepped up and turned the superb p-funk, disco house of the original into a balearic, cosmic, disco epic. the talented multi instrumentalists have added a load of new parts and used the superb guitar solo from the original to create one of their best remixes to date
2020 Vision
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12" Vinyl NL 06.04.17
for fans of marc almond .... go back to the 80ties
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12" Vinyl UK 19.04.07
deep grooving electronic edged house music by dubois here includes remixes by 2020 visions silver city and the electronic boogie band
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12" Vinyl D 31.05.05
brilliant & fresh tom novy electro house remix & seelenluft minimal mix!!
Moonbootique MOON013
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