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12" ES 10.09.21
der produktive und angesehene britische produzent affie yusuf hat sich mit trevor loveys zusammengetan und diese zeitlose veröffentlichung im jahr 1997 produziert. 4 tracks, die eine mischung aus purem deep house und warmen soft vibes vereinen.
Curated by Time
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coloured 12" 02.10.09
incl huge made to play remix aka jesse rose & oliver $ big with: tony humphries, dj paulette, shir khan, rune rk, tom novy, axwell.. after heavy duty remix work on previous trunkfunk releases we finally have an original track by the man of the moment, trevor loveys. trevor has teamed up with affie yusuf of former house of 909 and south african rapper spoek from ”sweat” x to deliver this amazing club bonker bitch fight . remix package includes made to play remix by jesse rose & oliver $, trunkfunk s in-house producers stuffa and the touch
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12" 19.11.12
this is part 2 of 3!for most labels catalogue number 10 is an occasion to make something special. and so it is for killekill. we have collected tracks from our regular label artists plus some guests who frequently play at our parties and therefore we consider being part of the killekill family.
Killekill 10.2
Kille Kill
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7.20 EUR *
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