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12" 01.10.21
repress 2021 - hot on the heels of aus recent releases from breach, huxley and bwana they ready their next offering from irish duo and long term label affiliates bicep. aptly timed for the festival months, their just ep follows up a series of self-released titles which include collaborations with ebony and midland and is an impassioned bundle of broken beats, shimmering synth lines and rapturous piano chords. the title track kicks things off and suffuses a broken kick and snare combo with a poignant sequence and heart-rending synth strings. a vocal refrain drops in and out throughout a lucent breakdown before () lays a soft, filtered croon over a swelling piano motif. tension is astutely balanced, never quite boiling over and keeping the listener pinned before () drives a tough, gravelly kick under gentle flecks of acid and rich sweeping pads.
Aus Music
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7.55 EUR *
12" UK 29.09.11
wow! what a year the wolf music crew are having. every release gets better and better. each time serving up a unique new offering from a variety of artists all with one thing in common: extremely high standard of production. all too often labels release good but not great music but wolf music is a testament to what searching high and low for the freshest artists with the best skills can really achieve. wolf ep 009 is no different. one often talks about real class produces and labels and buzz names and the next big thing … but only do a handful of labels ever live up to the manufactured hype they seem to receive. wolf music not only lives up to it but indeed outshines it. this ep is a must have for any dj/music connoisseur who truly knows their trade.
Wolf Music
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6.79 EUR *
3xcd 09.01.18
kontor sunset chill 2018 - winter edition. 3cds of the finest deep house & chill tracks! incl. bicep, mat + joe, yotto, koelsch, kidnap kid, ry x, lovebirds, kiasmos, blank & jones, lexer, jan blomqvist, achterbahn, lost frequencies, edx, nora en pure, atb
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5xcd UK 20.04.17
john digweed live in brooklyn output - 5xcd compilation!
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13.88 EUR *
3x cd UK 03.01.17
defected in the house amsterdam 2015 is a new 3cd release, featuring upfront and exclusive tracks and remixes from an a-list selection of current cutting-edge producers, including bicep, purple disco machine, kings of tomorrow, dusky, the juan maclean, seven davis jr, sisy ey, tim deluxe and many more. as with every release from our flagship in the house series you can expect to hear house music in all its myriad forms: from deep to soulful, vocal to instrumental, rhythmic to melodic. tracks to listen out for include deetrons remix of the juan macleans a simple design, a track that has come to define the 2015 ibiza season for many, along with tim deluxe feelings taken from his forthcoming jazz-influenced studio album: a stunning record that has followed a complete reinvention by the revered producer.defected in the house amsterdam 2015 is also packed full of unreleased cuts from defected, strictly rhythm and dftd, with compilation exclusives including purple disco machine & boris dlugosch l.o.v.e., emanuel satie farewell, lowheads morphrhodes, chevalier double dealin and anotr stop the music.
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11.43 EUR *
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