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coloured 12" Vinyl D 11.04.16
here comes the second remix package from alles andrs on resopal with the feel it rmx ep part 2 which includes two remixes from reboot and president bongo. -reboot- plays with glitches, sparks and tight wooden percussion patterns, switching its identity to take on a sultry persona with a warm and melodic mainline. -icelands icon president bongo warps -feel it- into a dance killer, enhancing the percussive flow of the original and integrating a rapid bass line. early plays by luciano, reboot, carl craig, president bongo amongst others.
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl clear vinyl D 18.01.16
resopal retrieves two more smoldering remix cuts on transparent vinyl. safe to say that both of them - the a side by heidelberg s casio casino (aka steffen neuert of bergheim 34 ) together with lopazz - and the stunning b-side by our marseille connection roar - are absolute stompers. what we have here are two finely crafted remix versions of the original that seduce the dance floor in totally different ways. both contain perfectly structured arrangements that creep up on you with the stealth of a ninja, making them a real pleasure to mix with. the heidelberg guys show a minimal disco hybrid version of the original. from the moment the bassline emerges from a dense thicket of white noise the pair make their intentions clear. with expertly-crafted sequences punctuated by dramatic crescendos and distinctive mood changes their re-work is a melting pot of styles and influences that somehow manage to coexist, creating a rich montage of sounds and textures. on the b - french duo roar deliver hallucinogenic, long, patient grooves followed by some fantastically understated sonic tweaking which gives the track a real kick without ever losing that empty, laid back vibe.
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12" Vinyl blue white splatter D 07.09.15
alles andrs sound and ideas speak loudly and quiet on this wonderful release, sharing another part of his journey and adding another essential piece to his discography and the resopal archive. now he connects melancholy with the necessary push to the dance floor. alles andrs continues to lay the foundation for his experimental combination of deep house and techno with a collection of two mind-bending pieces. -feel it- on the a side is a deep and warm melancholy track which will give you the chills while -tenebrae- fits into every modern dj set. designed as couloured and very limited splatter vinyl.
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8.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 17.07.15
with soul, his first solo ep, alles andrs appears in a new, but not altogether unfamiliar light. the bavarian based producer sounds like an analog pop shepherd with clean fingernails, providing the needed feed for djs. here on his debut you will find three mind-blowing vocal house club bangers with over-modulated frequencies for the nightly sweat outbreak. this music is the easily-understood sonic language of alles andrs. he gives us space and depth, and the music is positioned somewhere within a sonic cosmos.
Konvex Konkav
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8.49 EUR *
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