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12 Inch 28.12.22
black dj friendly pressing! excellent groovin / timeless anthem
Bar 25 Music
in stock
10.92 EUR *
12" 12.03.18
stug music was born in april 2007 organize events in the netherlands. club venues like paard van troje the hague, doornroosje nijmegen & studio 80 amsterdam were homebase of 55 events where (inter)national artists were invited. focus on programming (inter)national heroes of the past, the present & the future it was always a big wish to start a music label. january 2018 was the digital premiere of stug music, label & events runned by bart van rijn. two original tracks from the founder remixed by specialists in their genre perel & rhadow. with the second release in prospect a special vinyl >remix edition< will be pressed also remixes from kris wadsworth & carlos nilmmns. from dance floor orientated house & techno to indie electronic music.
STUG Music
in stock
7.36 EUR *
12 Inch 12.03.18
its the big 5! berlin, frankfurt based label house is ok is celebrating its five-year long presence and has decided to mark that period with something special labels story started with a sticker homeboy printed in his former hometown, zagreb, saying house is ok. catchy, right? it became an underground slogan of the local scene. it didnt take long for people to embrace the idea stating that its ok to be into melodic, fresh, groovy yet, at times, a bit awkward dance music.
House Is Ok
in stock
7.36 EUR *
12 Inch 02.03.18
ltd handstamped vinyl , after a four year break iww is back with the >diversity ep< by upcoming artist marco wachs. the record, as the name says, is a showcase of marcos wide musical range. the a side features dark hypnotic techno tunes acompanied by rumbling breakbeats. the flip instead is packed with 2 cuts of cheerful housegroovers.
IWW Music
in stock
7.36 EUR *
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