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2x12" Vinyl D 28.09.18
.... endlich auf vinyl, 180 g heavyweight black double vinyl in gatefold sleeve and incl. poster!
good news! berlin calling - the soundtrack by paul kalkbrenner is available now on double vinyl for the very first time! the 10th anniversary vinyl edition on 180 g heavyweight vinyl in a beautifully made gatefold sleeve with a luxurious finish includes a brand new exclusive poster marking that particular milestone in recent electronic music history. paul kalkbrenner s eponymous soundtrack to the legendary and unique film hardly needs any introduction. the original movie and its soundtrack catapulted him into prominence as an actor and dj/ producer, spearheading his peers and being at the forefront of electronic music at the time.
BPitch Control
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3x12" Vinyl (gatefold) D 04.07.18
ltd gatefold edition of d3r-25!! incl hale bopp, trommelmaschine & klubraum.

also available as:
CD (EUR 15.99)
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12" Vinyl BE 09.09.08
peaktime goodness built for the dancefloor. >k5000< expect some manipulated beats with an amazing drive ending up with a climax of snares, this has all the right ingredients to make it another einmusik classic. we defy anyone to stand still when this one drops >ehrfurcht< has more epic proportions with delicate and subtle layers of melody washing around a threathening bassline... one hell of a mental track
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12" Vinyl D 02.05.08
after butch aka bee low, amir & the groove rebels the next resident dj of the 50 grad club mainz/germany starts producing: marcello nuncio and his production partner amir (groove rebels) turned out his first single charlie - a very warm, deep, and minimalistic electrohouse tune. on b1 taste t.s remix picks up that feeling, gives it much more energy and turns it into the perfect prime time tool. the overset mix on b2 takes the motiv of the song an transforms it to a massiv electro bomb like her first hit. on the dancefloor
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12" Vinyl D 29.10.07
be as one is back with an ep from the imprint owner shlomi aber (ovum). side a is home to >diosa< which is a freaky minimalish track with a hypnotic techno groove and a quirky enrollment. a peak time monster with no compromises in terms of quality as we are all used with anything coming out from shlomis studio. a real hit in the making. on the b side sits >sekur<. take one of shlomis infamous rolling and yet bouncy grooves and mix it together with the right uplifting and funky synth sound, make everything fit together as a master can and the result will be an assured asshaking on every dancefloor!
Be As One
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