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12" Vinyl D 13.04.18
dj koze might be one of the worlds best producers, but above all hes a dj, and it’s his dj ear that governs. just as in a great set, so with his releases: seeing aliens came out of nowhere, a big buzzing beast of a track, to announce that koze was back on the scene and prime everyone for the coming album, knock knock. but now that koze has your attention, it’s time to remind everyone what’s most important about club music, pull things back, take a turn to the left, and get deep into the groove. thus pick up: the second single from knock knock is 100% pure groove, doubly so in the extended 12inch version. in a sense its incredibly familiar it is essentially a filter disco record, very close to something you could imagine coming out of paris around the turn of the millennium. but of course, this is koze. nothing is normal or familiar in his world, and hes taken this most foundational of clubland staples into new territory
Pampa Records
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12" Vinyl FI 13.04.18
this is music that comes from playing records. dj fiskars have done it for 15 years, subconsciously gathering an assortment of ideas, vibes and moments on the job. it’s only now as he’s starting his career as a recording artist those ideas start to materialize in an accessible form on wax. it’s fair to suggest that the record has a day side and a night side. “filippa” is a somewhat balearic piece: on the shelf it lands somewhere between your omar s records and a mario kart disc. on the flip, “key largo’s” mellow yet banging house grooves drop especially well at the after hours party. the release also marks the dawn of fiskars’ new vinyl-first imprint leave the man in peace with his kit – be on the lookout for more releases in 2018.
Leave The Man In Peace With His Kit
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2x12" Vinyl RO 13.04.18
reaching its 15th release, amphia sees the return of cezar lazar’s double ep, intuitively called “archetypes”. known for his innovative approach both behind the decks and productions, cezar’s creative alter-ego enacts a variable puzzle with hard-edged sonic pieces laid out over five tracks, each with their own distinct acoustic palette. side a holds “equtime”. this side-long track envelops a stripped-down melody with perforated rhythmical pads, fleshed out with disconnected threads of vocals. side b is dedicated entirely to “badgervox”. displaying a weighty bass section alongside the shuffled percussion work, its intricate melody is integrated smoothly creating a unique soundscape. “thicken court” holds the first half of side c. sharp in its composition, it holds an assorted percussion ensemble and a collection of fizzy waveforms. they complement a thunder-like bass protagonist that holds the center stage. we continue with “boe dark”, where textures and sharp tones grow in layers upon layers creating tension. the apex is reached when modular timbres are hindered by sparse piano patterns, completing this electro-acoustic scenery. on the flipside, “wedmar” holds the key to our puzzle with its accurate four-to-the-floor feat. with a series of programmed overlapping organ vibes, the sound feels both piercing and intense, creating a sort of sensory impairment. “archetypes” displays cezar lazar s gentle subtleties and fluency in different dialects of idm.
(text by: bianca iulia)
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12" Vinyl D 13.04.18
petar dundov (music man, cocoon) and marc romboy (innervisions, systematic) have teamed up in order to release their first common ep. and when you take a listen to both tracks you realize that this was due! two pieces of tracks which underline the passion of both, music tha moves. garden of cyrus is a pure hybrid of boths sound signature. a sequence drives the track and doesnt leave your brain anymore. caper tran is a trip into space, you dont want to stopp this journey, the planets are all over sudden so close. watch out for further volumes by end of the year.
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12" Vinyl D 13.04.18
nach vier erfüllten jahren halten wir etwas in der hand, was sich anfangs niemand erträumt hätte - unsere erste vinyl! etwas ganz besonderes für uns, für euch, für alle. von der herz&leber familie haben uns anselmus, seeleá, atech und jürgen peng wunderbare produktionen gezaubert
Herz & Leber
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2x12" Vinyl D 13.04.18
ltd special priced trapez double pack.. incl trapez ltd 123 & 127
Trapez LTD Pack
Trapez LTD
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