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12" Vinyl NL Pre sale
introducing the leave the man in peace with his kit summer banger. a healthy dose of 909 and 303. garnished with italian bassline expertise. and post malone. pressed on a shiny 160 gram vinyl record and complemented with a sticker. cheers!
Leave The Man In Peace With His Kit
10.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 01.06.18
now. these tracks do one thing: they are meant for the club and in the club they should stay. a somewhat sweaty enviroment. like 150 people and a good analog soundsystem... something along those lines. the aim is at a real track-y. immediate vibe – without diving too deep to the autistic side of disco edits. just trying to master the ancient art of elevating a piece of music by cutting and pasting.
Leave The Man In Peace With His Kit
in stock
12.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl FI 13.04.18
this is music that comes from playing records. dj fiskars have done it for 15 years. subconsciously gathering an assortment of ideas. vibes and moments on the job. it’s only now as he’s starting his career as a recording artist those ideas start to materialize in an accessible form on wax. it’s fair to suggest that the record has a day side and a night side. “filippa” is a somewhat balearic piece: on the shelf it lands somewhere between your omar s records and a mario kart disc. on the flip. “key largo’s” mellow yet banging house grooves drop especially well at the after hours party. the release also marks the dawn of fiskars’ new vinyl-first imprint leave the man in peace with his kit – be on the lookout for more releases in 2018.
Leave The Man In Peace With His Kit
in stock
12.49 EUR *
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