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2x12" Vinyl RO 13.04.18
reaching its 15th release. amphia sees the return of cezar lazar’s double ep. intuitively called “archetypes”. known for his innovative approach both behind the decks and productions. cezar’s creative alter-ego enacts a variable puzzle with hard-edged sonic pieces laid out over five tracks. each with their own distinct acoustic palette. side a holds “equtime”. this side-long track envelops a stripped-down melody with perforated rhythmical pads. fleshed out with disconnected threads of vocals. side b is dedicated entirely to “badgervox”. displaying a weighty bass section alongside the shuffled percussion work. its intricate melody is integrated smoothly creating a unique soundscape. “thicken court” holds the first half of side c. sharp in its composition. it holds an assorted percussion ensemble and a collection of fizzy waveforms. they complement a thunder-like bass protagonist that holds the center stage. we continue with “boe dark”. where textures and sharp tones grow in layers upon layers creating tension. the apex is reached when modular timbres are hindered by sparse piano patterns. completing this electro-acoustic scenery. on the flipside. “wedmar” holds the key to our puzzle with its accurate four-to-the-floor feat. with a series of programmed overlapping organ vibes. the sound feels both piercing and intense. creating a sort of sensory impairment. “archetypes” displays cezar lazar s gentle subtleties and fluency in different dialects of idm.
(text by: bianca iulia)
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12" Vinyl. 180gr RO 10.06.16
amphia celebrates its 10th release with a two-tracker ep from cezar lazar.
both tracks reflect his signature sound. taking time to evolve into soundscapes that expand outside the familiar borders. the latin american influences embedded in * choice of ancillaries* leave us hints of its vivid melody surfacing beneath its tight percussions. on the b side we find its darker counterpart. * grounds and shields*. treating us with a more acoustic flow. sewn graciously around the incisive bassline.
* the balancing act ep* adds a new layer to the ever expanding catalogue of works under the amphia imprint.
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12" Vinyl D 11.06.15
friendship reflected through machines. beyond belief ep is composed by lmml owns diogo magalhaes & alexander einetter aka old dog. this piece unites self-recorded sounds. analogue machines & modular recordings into a more experimental take on electronic music. organically grown by time. vision and their friendship. side b. created by cezar lazar (understand) & cristi cons (amphia). presents their own interpretation of ruten moshi. cezar has always been true to himself & a great inspiration to us. creating a new collaboration with cristi cons. part of an avantgarde classical/electronic music generation.
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3x12" Vinyl gatefold c JP 29.05.15
happy birthday technique !!! shibuya udagawa used to be called >record store sanctuary<. technique still keeps its own store in udagawa for all the japanese dance music lovers. this compilation celebrates techniques 20th anniversary. the selection is not for the past but for the present. 7 exclusive tracks!!
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GREEN & BLUE 2011 (2XCD)
2xcd D 06.09.11
dicke dj mixe hat die green & blue 2011 zu bieten etwas dubbig von raresh und etwas housig von sascha dive
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