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12" Vinyl D 08.06.18
with »redsuperstructure«, robert lippok created a new foundation for his musical endeavors. now – 7 years later – this system properly comes to life on »applied autonomy«. the title of the new album is a clear indicator as to what the berlin-based producer has been up to during the last couple of years, both on a conceptual level as well as how he molds his ideas into tracks. »applied autonomy« orchestrates a certain state of frantic standstill, which occurs once a structure is set. has this state been reached, the artist is free to focus on other equally important aspects, balancing the various shades, pushing ideas even further to really make them shine and blossom in their self-declared autonomy. the more light one lets in, the more layers become visible. layers are key when it comes to understanding »applied autonomy«. big chunks of the material with which the album has been produced derive from sketches specifically made for a club performance. rather than meticulously devising each and every detail, lippok focussed instead on recording as many fragments as possible in a short period of time, elements which he could later combine and layer on stage. based on this material and his experience experimenting with it in a live environment, the album slowly began to shape. an album culminating in a collaboration with klara lewis, with whom lippok spent 2 days at the ems studios in stockholm, approaching the idea of autonomy from yet another angle. during the session, both musicians played and performed simultaneously, yet not explicitly together, lost in their own thoughts and ideas, only subconsciously taking in what the other one was coming up with. the result is »samtal«, 14 minutes of a constantly evolving state of poise, magically connecting all the dots lippok had already defined as »applied autonomy«. the artwork for »applied autonomy« has been created by the berlin-based argentinian artist luca gutierrez. over the last couple of years, he has made a name for himself with his spectacular av performances.

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12" Vinyl D 08.06.18
max loderbauer, who has so far made consistently engaging contributions to the arjunamusic family, is back to lend his unique interpretive skills to the master recordings for the brightbird album by joão paulo esteves da silva, mário franco and samuel rohrer. loderbauer has set himself up for a challenge, since the original album’s completely improvised flow of small-ensemble, conversational jazz feels complete enough without outside intervention. however, loderbauer’s role as electronics operator in the similarly attuned ambiq trio has already shown that, through his mastery of tone color, he has a talent for teasing out the additional hidden details within an apparently ‘complete’ sonic environment. it’s a task he manages to accomplish without ever overriding or contradicting the cohesive message provided by his collaborators.
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12" Vinyl UK 08.06.18
departing from the band based setup of previous releases, acolytes continue their exploration of loop based paradigms with rupture. the release expands upon the murky jarring patchwork asthetic of the 2012 release, replacing brooding song structures with a more driving, visceral and relentless sound. 200 copies. rupture encapsulates the paranoia and agnst felt in an increasingly unrecognisable world. liquified rhythms attempt to define an unmappable headspace typified by io overload and wired hyperactivity, become mired in deep delays and sedate unease. while ostensibly computer music, tracks such as -eelings 2 deviate from the clinical on the grid sensibilities associated with the genre, where out of sync drums and synth lines in eliptic orbits take it to messier lofi territories with no defined sense of shape or tempo.
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12" Vinyl UK 08.06.18
voin oruwu is a project of kiev-based producer dmitriy avksentiev, also known as koloah. it originated out of avksentiev’s love for cinematography and mystical worlds. inspired by his own post-apocalyptic story, the producer decided he needed a soundtrack and visuals — so, voin oruwu was born, fusing together technology, science, art. he is visual thinker and takes music from cinematic perspective. images that are born in his head are transformed into music. he mixes heavy rhythm and futuristic sound into a single live act.
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 08.06.18
montréal native marie davidson’s unique form of synth pop has become an undeniable force in modern music, and until now her 2013 debut has only been available through digital download and limited edition cassette. on april 13, 2018 marie davidson’s newly re-mastered self-titled ep will be available for the first time on pink colored vinyl with foil stamped deluxe packaging and download code included. her debut chronicles the development of davidson before her three critically acclaimed full-length lps, high profile press coverage and headlining slots at international festivals.
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