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2x12" Vinyl, 180gr UK Pre sale
malin genie with new electronic album >anthropomorphic sympathy<
MGM 05
Malin Genie
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12" Vinyl, 180 g UK 18.04.19
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MGM 04
Malin Genie
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12" Vinyl UK 06.09.18
on the third release on his label, malin genie teams up with amsterdam resident and will & ink regular yaleesa hall for a trip into dubbed out techno and house territory. the ep opens with -oganesson,- an immersive track pivoting around gnarled, shape-shifting dub techno chords. -84- is a more energised cut, using a similar central melodic thread but driving it with a sprightly beat and playful threads of synth expression. -tournant- places the emphasis on textural sound design, embellishing a rugged techno rhythm with sonic matter that takes on an organic quality as it pulses and writhes around the beat. -coronal loop- finishes the ep off with an appropriately star-gazing jam that uses delay and reverb to great effect to create a sense of space in which nimble chord lines and other flourishes can cavort freely.
MGM 03
Malin Genie
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12" Vinyl, 180 g UK 27.07.18
not content with already steering the vigenere and oscillat labels and appearing regularly on will & ink and lazare hoche, malin genie has launched his own self-titled label as a vessel for his most intriguing twists on the house and techno template. the record strides in with the tracky tones of hypothetical island of stability, a feast of micro pops and squiggles strapped to a rock solid beat. fudeoroshi is more overtly minimalist in nature, using the barest of ingredients to make a potent dancefloor cut. bulbocavernosa opens up the filters and lets a little nasty acid fun and games into the mix, and then mer neith it es rounds the record off with a soaring slice of melodic, deep techno that stands confidently apart from the rest of the tracks.
MGM 02
Malin Genie
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12" Vinyl UK 12.02.18
malin genie s warm, funk fuelled sound returns to blow some balmy vibes into your frostbitten souls, and he s sounding especially expressive on this effervescent new 12-. -snake scale- features all kinds of liquid funk notes pouring around the crisp house beat, channeling soulful tones without resorting to basic sampling. -bloom- is a more linear cut with a steady tech house pulse, but it s shot through with mysterious ambience that deepens the emotional impact of the track. -altrica- completes the ep with a smoked out trip into reduced, back room house subtleties for the blissed out crew to get psychedelic to
MGM 01
Malin Genie
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