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12" Vinyl lp UK 08.11.18
Activia Benz
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12" Vinyl UK 12.03.13
activia benz are back in full swing for 2013 with their next release: recolor ep from 813. 813 is 25 year old russian badass, alexander goryachev. he is a firefighter, which is badass. his music is a dense collision of crazy rap beats, sort of, and some kind of fantastic rave thing, maybe. his music is very badass, much like the fact he is a firefighter. it is also very beautiful, like when he carries a small cat to safety from a burning russian building. recolor is a slice of really fantastic dancey bassy music for partying and hanging out to with your m8s.
Activia Benz
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12" Vinyl UK 28.12.12
activia benz is the new label from producer slugabed (and his friend jake). we are about putting out nice music with nice artwork on nice circular pieces of plastic. digital also available because it is 2012. our first release is from 22 year old deech.
the ep sits somewhere between slo-jamz and dance-trax and is all round fun music for listening to.
Activia Benz
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