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Activia Benz / bnz002

Front View : 813 - RECOLOR - Activia Benz / bnz002
Back View : 813 - RECOLOR - Activia Benz / bnz002

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Activia Benz are back in full swing for 2013 with their next release: Recolor EP from 813. 813 is 25 year old Russian badass, Alexander Goryachev. He is a firefighter, which is badass. His music is a dense collision of crazy rap beats, sort of, and some kind of fantastic rave thing, maybe. His music is very badass, much like the fact he is a firefighter. It is also very beautiful, like when he carries a small cat to safety from a burning Russian building. Recolor is a slice of really fantastic dancey bassy music for partying and hanging out to with your m8s.

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