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12" Vinyl US 27.09.19
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D 13.02.17
the eleventh release of tiefenrausch sets the start for the third cycle of five deep techno releases. coming up with a four track ep by upwellings who contributes his duby “tales from the underworld” to the tiefenrausch catalogue. with “echoes from the past” upwellings brings the entrance into this musical journey. the immersive groove of “stones lullaby” takes us into the deepness of this laid-back dubtechno sound. “when the lights fade away” is the dancefloor focused tune on the b-side of the vinyl while “hearing the solar wind” covers the ambient side of the genre and brings us back to the shore. the release is designed by alex ketzer who joins in for a collaboration with the illustrators magdalena paz and florian gassmann for the next five releases of the tiefenrausch label. the audio is mastered by salz music and the ep comes shrink wrapped.
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10" Vinyl D 03.08.15
the second release we do with french artists upwellings aka vincent raude who is professor of modern art at the academy of brest and has been recording music since 1996. his ep comprised two tracks. a-side >dubbin at the strobe< feat. michael zerang shows a nice interaction of drums and sounds developing a profound deep mood. drum parts were recorded in chicago by michael zerang, a real jazz legend who played a lot with peter brötzmann and joe mcphee, hamid drake. the flip side >lighthouse dub< has the aura of an place which is extremely isolated. the sound is at times extremely pulled back and melancholic and holds a sentiment that reminds us a bit of joy divisions >we are the young men<. the track undergoes a transformation beatwise when going more uptempo.
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12" Vinyl full cover D 03.11.14
four deep and seductive tracks by french artist, upwellings. an atmospheric and rhythmic sophistication that respectfully draws upon the origins of dub. housed in a high quality matted sleeve with original artwork, this unique label never seizes to amaze!
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10" Vinyl D 29.04.14
upwellings is vincent raude, a professor of modern art at the academy of brest who has been releasing dub and reggae music since 1996 and has written music for contemporary dance and theater. he created his dub project lower groundz in 2004 where he experimented with reggae and in 2008 started his dub techno project upwellings under which he realized several 1s. his music was supported and charted by people like cio d or, laurent garnier, alexkid and more. upwellings music shows a great deal of recording knowledge and love for the details of electronic music. his a-side track zu zurich has a classic dub techno surface but we believe the skillful complexity on many levels will have us listen to this track many many times. there are things to discoverin >zurich< one might say. so it is no surprise that the flip side track >lower ground< shows more reggae influences which he uses in more abstract ways, employing vocal splinters he masterfully embeds in his recording.
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12" Vinyl D 03.04.18
tiefenrausch returns with a various artist ep. gathering three unique dub techno musicians linked through deep chords and driving basslines. while biodub and upwellings already contributed their part to the label, the new member star dub joins in with his raw vision of dub techno.
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12" Vinyl UK 07.08.17
over the past six years, dimensions has become a leading name in the underground, with its festival, international series, dj directory and dimensions soundsystem. now, dimensions extends its influence with the start of its label - dimensions recordings. the label launches with a 12-track compilation across three separate discs. ‘an introduction’ makes a huge statement in setting out the label’s intent and breadth. with artists established and new stepping up to present 12 exclusive tracks.
dimensions recordings explores its darker side on an introduction part 3 with intergalactic oddities and twisted techno constructions, the release is definitely ones for the late hours. ‘crosstalk’ from gear heads london modular alliance opens, a squelching, electro, hardware excursion demonstrating a small snippet of what’s to come from the talented trio. next, french artist, upwellings steps up to demonstrate his purist approach as he unites elements of dub and techno to create the beautifully spacey ‘soft shadows’. the third offering comes courtesy of fachwerk label boss and prolific techno artist, mike dehnert, who presents raw but melodic track in ‘tokio,’which maintains his minimal and stripped back aesthetic beautifully. chicago’s steven tang in his obsolete music technology rounds off the release with ‘comb freq,’ a devastatingly powerful mix of acidic, bleeping dance floor energy!
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12" Vinyl D 26.05.16
vss008 is a 6 tracks release of 6 newcomers on vielspass records. this various is lauched in correlation with made festival for the 1st edition in rennes (12-15 mai 2016). made’s idea was to associate promoters and local labels to the festival’s program. this is the occasion to discover and support local talents.
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