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12" Vinyl UK 09.11.15
dfa / visionquest duo benoit & sergio return with some fresh and typically unique new material via matt tolfreys leftroom limited imprint.
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12" Vinyl UK 30.12.14
marquee production team and live act in dance music benoit & sergio return to culprit for a second fantastic release in as many years. after last years deliciously off­kilter adjustments, the berlin­ and rome­based duo delivers a 3­song statement of dancefloor intent, with thats the party talking.
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12" Vinyl UK 17.07.14
renowned for their sublime, lyrical take on dance music, dc / berlin based duo benoit & sergio return to their spiritual home of visionquest with some freshly crafted groove ridden thrills. more set in the smoke and heat of the club than their vocalised bittersweet visions, the your darkness ep showcases the duo at their dancefloor focused playful best whilst incorporating infectious vocal samples, searing melodies and pulsing rhythms
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12" Vinyl UK 16.10.13
culprits 39th ep release is an altogether special affair. the masters of epic underground pop, one of the most exciting and respected songwriting/production teams in dance music, benoit & sergio enter the labels artistic canon in emphatic fashion. their two- song culprit debut glows with the duos forward thinking musical ideas, at once sweeping and intimate, and which depth and sophistication represents a leap in the los angeles-based imprints growth
Culprit Records
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12" Vinyl UK 02.10.13
dfa revisits several classic and in demand 12 inches with a new series of hand stamped white labels called *dfa white out series*. only 200 copies worldwide. dont sleep. coming soon.. benoit & sergio, lcd soundsystem and many more.
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12" Vinyl UK 22.01.13
moving into 2013, the hot creations camp shows no sign of slowing down with one of their biggest releases to date from the mighty production duo benoit & sergio. debut release on the label bridge so far is an utterly stunning two tracker oozing distinctive style and pop sensibility.
Hot Creations
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12" Vinyl UK 02.10.12
after inaugurating the visionquest label with the now canonical where the freaks have no name - an ep whose a-side anthem, walk and talk, inundated the dance music world with a lovelorn soulfulness benoit & sergio return to the throne of visionquest with new ships, the more beautiful younger sister to their debut.
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coloured 10" Vinyl D 01.08.11
gadi mizrahis double standard delivers more essential wax with the >covers ep< comprising versions of two quintessential records of our time. daft punks electronic pop sensation >around the world< and goddess of 80s soul sades >sweetest taboo< sculpted and sexually charged by benoit & sergio and slow hands
Double Standard Records
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12" Vinyl UK 24.06.11
after a flurry of winter releases, benoit & sergio return to dfa with the >principles< ep–beach boys techno for summer nights. following in the footsteps of their >boy trouble< and >where the freaks have no name< eps, benoit & sergios >principles< continues to explore underground pop sensibilities in the context of the big-room dance floor
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12" Vinyl CA 30.05.11
benoit & sergio dont make dance tracks—they tell stories. in the washington dc duos music, a sense of place and narrative infuse their rhythms and melodies, transcending having flexed their synth-pop muscles on releases for dfa (the acclaimed boy trouble ep) and visionquest (the lovelorn where the freaks have no name ep), dc duo benoit & sergio return to spectral sound for a victory lap around the dancefloor. and >let me count the ways< is just that, sounding every bit the perfect, hands-in-the-air final anthem of the evening. tireless hi-hats push the beat onward and dreamy synthesized strings saturate the stereo space as sergio intones, >let me count the ways / the ways that ive loved.< as the line repeats, its meaning bends to fit the songs tone of endless, time-suspended romance: its not the loves that matter in the end, but the ways. its not the destination, but the journey. the b-sides >let me count the ways (autumn version)<is a vastly different take on the original?s maximalist swell. stripping the beat back to its bare essentials and building them up again over nearly 12 minutes, the >autumn version< recalls arthur russell?s more minimal moments down to its wobbly bass filigree and mumbled vocal samples. by the end of the track, the claps are falling on the twos and fours like crinkly foliage, synths are sizzling like firewood, and benoit & sergio?s newest banger is revealed in its full glory once again.
Spectral 104
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12" Vinyl UK 22.02.11
there are few artists making seriously great music while not taking themselves too seriously: that difficult feat is one rarely attempted and even less often successfully carried out. benoit & sergio have seemingly effortlessly managed to pull off that contradictory trick, producing songs that sometimes seem like musical open letters: editorials narrated in the voices of unidentified, yet totally recognizable colorful characters, read aloud against a backdrop of beautifully lush, warm and sensuous electronic pop music. the unexpected juxtaposition of such pristine production and playful lyricism — first exhibited on 2009s highly praised <i>what ive lost</i> ep, which included the brilliantly sardonic single >full grown man< – exemplifies why benoit & sergio are one of the most unique and interesting outfits in dance music. its good news, then, that the washington, d.c./berlin-based outfits eagerly expected dfa debut maintains both the charm and expert craftsmanship of its predecessors. single >boy trouble< (the titular counterpoint to >full grown man<) launches the ep with all manner of reasons to take to the dancefloor: an exigent beat, a beckoning synthline, a bassline of understated funk. sergio lethargically sings about girls, making note of both their ups and the downsides, without the hindrance of subtlety. >i love girls/with legs like a ferrari< he states before noting (bemoaning?) the fact that >you need poetry to turn these girls on.< its a song for the best part of the night, full of compulsive rhythms and a climax that builds on sparkly synths. the accompanying remix from visionquest — the detroit-bred, berlin-based label led by producers seth troxler, ryan crosson, lee curtiss and shaun reeves — amps things up, making the beat a more prominent, driving and club banging force. the flipside features >full grown man< and >what ive lost<, which reveal themselves to be worth more than a few revisits.
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12" Vinyl UK 01.02.11
after several years perfecting and honing their art, the four musketeers: seth troxler, ryan crosson, lee curtiss and shaun reeves, collectively known as visionquest, unleash their sonic imprint upon the earth. its debut release is an introduction to new members of the visionquest family as their great friends and production maestros benoit & sergio deliver the freaky and flavoursome >where the freaks have no name<.
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12" Vinyl CA 20.09.10
the >midnight peopleö< 12inch includes two careening techno remixes by technasia, in which the paris-based producer sends the track spinning into the delirious, club-amped stratosphere. >technasia dub 1< features a series of head-spinning climaxes, >technasia dub 2< specializes in shoulder-rolling syncopation
Spectral 098
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